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Stealth Bathroom with Wood Shelves

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Sure, a bathroom is a sometimes-unsightly necessity for any home – but its interior can at least be made modestly more minimalist by hiding the essential fixtures when not in use, and more modern and comfortable through the use of linear and repetitive wooden design objects.


Clean and contemporary, a series of fold-up solid-wood shelves hide a concealed sink and disguise the toilet. Even when opened and in operation, the entire aesthetic – designed from start to smooth finish by Rapsel – is a convincingly pleasant balance of coziness, usefulness and cleanliness. Read more »



Built-In Bathroom Storage Space

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


We all know that water and paper do not mix well, so be careful not to splash if you decide to step into this strange bathroom storage-and-fixture combination – a contemporary bathing basin with built-in, metal-and-wood, side-of-tub shelving units.


These curious multifunctional bathtubs by Antonio Lupi come with shelves along either the short or long sides of tubs, presumably to cater to different bathroom layouts that might require users to step over either the side or the end. Read more »



Bamboo Bathroom Furniture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Get organized with the contemporary styling of our Bamboo Space Saver and Hamper (each sold separately). Assembly required.

Bamboo Bathroom Hamper. Bring a touch of the exotic into your bathroom or bedroom with an elegant bamboo hamper, entirely crafted from one of the world’s strongest and most renewable wood fibers. 19 3/4″ w x 23 3/4″ h x 11 3/4″ d.

Bamboo Bathroom Space Saver. Space Saver has an adjustable shelf inside cabinet. 25 3/4″ w x 56 1/2″ h x 9 1/2″ d.




Functional Concrete Bathroom Shelf

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Concrete is a very contemporary material because it’s simple, modern, minimalist and very functional. First it was used only for building but today many types of furniture are made of it, and even vases. Designer Sascha Czerny thinks that it’s a great idea to make a bathroom shelf of concrete. It’s very comfortable for a bathroom because it’s ecological, it doesn’t accumulate water and looks stylish, there is even no need to decorate it somehow. Four parts would accommodate all your necessary things, it’s very comfortable for the everyday life. This piece would very well decorate any modern, industrial or minimalist bathroom. bathroom furniture, compact bathroom furniture, elegant bathroom furniture, functional bathroom furniture, minimalst bathroom furniture, modern bathroom furniture, practical bathroom furniture