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Spirited Set of Wall-Mounted Bathroom Elements

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


A-Cero is perhaps best known for their architecture (and one-off oddities), but has a knack for statement-making interior designs and furnishings as well – this one-off venture into bathrooms, though, certainly befits their style.


The so-called Spirit Collection created for L’Antic Colonial features a set of interlocking pieces that can be arranged like artwork on the wall – a curved glass mirror, white ceramic sink with an independent metal fixture above and organic stone-faced wooden vanity below. Read more »



A Small Bathroom Decorating in Japanese Style

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Japanese interiors are always about harmony. This harmony can be achieved with right colors and themed patterns. In this case two basic colors were used. Ceramic tiles on the walls are beige while the floor and furniture are dark brown. White sanity ware and stainless steel water fixtures blend with surroundings very well.

There are many interesting solutions in this bathroom. For example a drywall structure hides all these ugly pipes and forms shelves for bathroom accessories. A stepped wall of glass blocks separates the space on different zones. Sakura flowers decorate the bathroom and make it romantic and beautiful.

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Outlined Bathroom Fixtures Mix Form & Function

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


There is a raw beauty in the shape of certain household objects often masked in modern design – these objects, by contrast, show off both their outside lines and internal workings.

From Althea Ceramica: “Outline is an impassioned tribute to the style and the spirit of the 60’s. Forms never before seen, unusual, characterized by an “emptying” of volumes which gives life to a design, or better a concept, from which spring interesting aspects regarding living the bathroom environment and its protagonists.” Read more »



Cool Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Have you ever considered to trasform your attic into an out-of-the-way bathroom space? If not, then you need to see these awesome attic bathrooms designs. If yes, then you came to the right place to get some inspiration.


An attic can be the perfect space for an extra bath. Exposed beams and skylights can make this bathroom a cool and relaxing retreat. Check out all these pictures and you’ll also see that the bathroom is the great way to make great use of the top floor. Read more »



Contemporary Bathroom Set with Natural Touch

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The SensaMare complete bathroom is one more product by Hoesch, which has been presented on ISH 2009 in Frankfurt. It presents itself the set for bathroom consisted of shower cabin, bathtub and washbasin. It is addressed to active people who like comfortable and modern furniture. If you are one of them, you should check it out. Hoesch gives you a place where you could relax and find yourself. You could start your day freshly and vital, taking shower in stylish and functional SensareMare box. Comfortable whirlpool bath could help you to make the end of working day much more pleasant. All of the elements are made in contemporary minimalist style and would look great in black and white interior design. One of the most interesting features of this set is combination of white acrylic with exotic wood, which adds natural touch to it. [Hoesch]




Beautiful Luxury Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


If you like luxury designs and don’t share love to minimalism then Collezione 1941 is right for you. If you dream to create a bathroom similar to royal one of 19th century and surround yourself by beauty and splendor then you surely appreciate this collection by Italian company Savio Firmino.


The company doesn’t follow fashionable modern trends, but it creates a really unique and wonderful furniture. Collection 1941 is furniture set made in neoclassic style. Every its element amazes by its refinement and elegance. Almost all of them are decorated by jewels and gold or silver leafs. Sophisticated hand-engravings make this bathroom set even more marvelous. Read more »



All-in-One Super-Sleek Bathroom Set

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Space-saving combination fixtures are in vogue, but few go as far as this one. This stylish space-age combo fixture folds out to reveal a toilet, sink, shelf and mirror, all in one object and fanning out from the center like features of the ultimate giant-sized multi-tool knife.

Definitely designed (by Dang Jingwei) with small bathrooms in mind, one of the neatest features is the built-in water-saving system that reuses tap water (used to wash your hands or brush your teeth) as toilet water with the push of a button. Read more »



Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Bathroom Set

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Leaving the water running while it warms up is a wasteful habit, but what is the alternative? Taking a cold shower?


Talk about a rude awakening. This idea contains a water-saving solution that should really make its way into more bathroom interiors.


This award-winning designer layout by Frank Guo features a space-dividing partition that doubles as a holding tank for water warming up while you wait to hop into the shower. When the user is ready and the water warm, they can push a button to switch modes and begin showering. Read more »



Origami Sophisticated Bathroom Suite

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Italian company Stocco takes bathroom fixtures to a whole new level of style and sophistication with their Origami suite. The unusual suite of bathtubs and sinks uses modern shapes and clean lines to create beautiful fixtures that will truly set a bathroom apart from any other.



While some of the objects in the Origami line are more decorative than others, all add a little something special to the bathroom landscape. Unexpected shelves, uplighted cutouts, or an elegant tub-side table space are surprisingly at home in these pieces, giving each its own unique personality. Read more »



Egg Bathtub Space Saving ‘Tulip’ Shower

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Some apartment bathrooms are just not big enough to fit a full- or even half-size tub, unless one considers the extra space already required for standing and walking. This clever flip-down solution makes room for lying down in the bath, but retracts when not in use.

The (Tulip) name was derived by Piotr Pyrtek from the way in which the unit seems to blossom open, as well as the tulip’s versatility in the world of plants. When upright, the enclosure prevents splashing and contains steam for showering. When flipped open, the vertical portion provides a place to lean against along the back surface. Read more »