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Before and After Bathrooms

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Our bathroom photos gallery highlights brilliant before and after bathroom makeovers. Three winning remodelers were featured for their redesigns of the ugliest bathrooms in the country in the America’s Ugliest Bathrooms: Solved contest. American Standard Brands is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality building products, including bathroom faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen as well as decorative panels. See bathroom designs photos of the transformation of an uninviting, windowless bathroom covered in dark wallpaper and wood trim.


“I was so impressed by the quality of the entries of the bathrooms renovation and bathroom photos we received in this contest,” Thayer remarked. “It was a pleasure to review such beautiful and innovative remodeling work.” The contest winning redesign by Trent Ketchum of Fulford Home Remodeling was a vintage bath makeover featuring a photo gallery of glossy subway tiles and a new clawfoot tub. Ketchum gutted the original bathroom paved in drab yellow tiles and expanded the tiny room to create this now expansive master bath with a vintage bath flair.

American Standard Brands is a leading North American manufacturer of a wide range of high quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures and products, including faucets, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other related products. Three talented remodeling professionals were recognized for their abilities – and their bravery – in overcoming some of America’s most drab and uninviting bathrooms, transforming these ugly ducklings into beautiful showpieces as part of an online contest sponsored by American Standard Brands.



Bathroom Remodeling

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Many bathroom shelving units also come with hooks underneath to double as a towel rack as well as a place to hold things. Other forms of bathroom storage furniture consist of corner racks, free standing cabinets, and back of the door hanging systems. Corner rack units are perfect for holding bath toys, towels, or even toiletries; in such as small space as the bathroom, making use of the corner space can provide a lot of room to hold things. Free standing cabinets are also another option for a bathroom. You can find many different options of cabinetry at your local home improvement store; small standalone cabinets are specially made for bathrooms to be able to hold a lot of items in such a small space. Another space in your bathroom that can offer a lot of storage is the back of the bathroom door. This space can be used to hang hooks or over the door towel racks that will increase that available area to hang towels while also not making your bathroom over crowded.

Another storage option is the use of baskets; baskets can hold toiletries, towels, or bath toys, and they can be placed under the sink or out in the open on the floor. Baskets can act as a bathroom organizer, holding a large amount of items and reducing the clutter in the room. Baskets can come in many different size, shapes, colors, and materials, offering a decorative touch to the room while also offering organization. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, there are many different options for bathroom storage. While vanity cabinets are often the most popular items in a bathroom, other units can be used to reduce the clutter in a bathroom and offer a space to place items for organization.



Sunny Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Yellow is a great color. For example you can easily make your bathroom more stylish and sunny with it. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of cool decorating ideas showing how you can do that. Yellow wall paint, yellow shower curtain, yellow floor tiles or any other yellow accents – everything would work great. If you’re ready for a lovely and cheerful bathroom renovation that don’t hesitate to do it!

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What is a Walk-in tub?

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


A walk-in tub is a bathtub that is generally used for the same purpose as a traditional bathtub; however it is designed to provide individuals with a safer, more convenient and comfortable bathing experience. Walk-in baths are typically intended to suit those with mobility challenges such as those that are disabled (physical handicaps), the elderly, and/or those who suffer from painful ailments. They were created to meet the needs of individuals who want to bathe independently and securely.


Some people purchase accessories for their traditional tub like bath seats, grab bars, etc. in order to try and meet their desire for independence and security in the bath, they find however that those “band-aid” type solutions are not really a solution at all. Traditional baths, even with all of the available accessories, are not designed for those who suffer from mobility problems. This is where walk-in tubs come in.



Bathroom Remodeling Trade Offs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The lead article (the table of contents if you will) is titled  Bathroom Remodeling Trade Offs.

Bathroom-Remodeling-Trade-OffsLike all of life, remodeling requires making trade offs.

In order to have one thing, you must give up something else.

The three legs of all remodeling projects are; schedule, quality of finished result, and budget.

Anything you do that affects one those, has an affect on the others.

You can remodel your bathroom for very little money, if you take your time to shop for values and do all the work yourself.

You can have your bathroom remodel done very quickly, if you are willing to pay the premium needed.

Knowing the trade offs allows you to make more informed decisions for you, your family, and your remodel.

And speaking of your bathroom remodeling, we would very much appreciate an opportunity to be of service.



Renovate Your Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. You want it to be comfortable and welcoming while reflecting the needs of your lifestyle and personality.

Before you start your bathroom renovation, list the reasons why you’re renovating and prioritize them. This will keep you focused, prevent unnecessary costs, and allow for a more creative approach to your renovation.

KBC KITCHEN & BATHROOM INC. has helped many clients renovate their bathrooms over the years.  While renovating these bathrooms, our clients have cited the following six main reasons for their renovations. Do these apply to you or are there other motivations for your renovation? Which ones are most important to you? KBC Renovate Your Bathroom.


1. More Space

When is bigger better? Many of KBC clients want to make their small bathrooms larger to incorporate more modern features Bathroom Vanity and fixtures. From large showers to soaking tubs, our clients often sacrifice a small area of another room to expand their bathroom.

2. Relaxing Retreat

An oasis of calm. Many homeowners want to upgrade living space to create a get-a-way, a place where they can relax after a long day of work. From aromatherapy to skylights, added touches can go a long way to creating a sense of peace.

3. Personal Style

Many home builders use low grade fixtures knowing that homeowners will change them out to suite their personal style. Renovating can change a bathroom’s style while allowing the homeowner to express their taste and create a more comfortable and reflective environment.

4. Safety

As homeowners go through life changes (getting older or having children), there’s often a need to renovate bath spaces. Older homeowners begin to re-envision tubs, sinks and floors that will make them more comfortable. Others concerned about their families health, look for ways to improve air quality and poor ventilation.after-renovate-bathroomvanity

5. Convenience

Homeowners with basements or home additions often ask us to install a bathroom to reduce the need to travel far to other parts of the home. Guest room additions often include a bathroom renovation to ensure a comfortable experience for guests.

Call KBC KITCHEN & BATHROOM  today, we can discuss your renovation & Renovate Your Bathroom wish list, your desired schedule and budget and help bring your dreams to reality.



bathrooms designs for the ages

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A bathroom should be a sanctuary, an escape from your hectic daily life. There is no difference when it comes to universal bathroom design. A universal bathroom is designed with style while accommodating the needs of everyone.

When renovating your bathroom considering the family dynamics will assist in creating a space that is user friendly for all of the household participants. Adding a bath tub that is accommodating for an elderly parent can be useful in the future.

Keeping the future in mind when renovating your bathroom can be quite cost effective. Incorporating sinks with single handle faucets as well as cabinetry that will accommodate the possible need for a wheelchair is something to consider for your new bathroom design. You can accomplish the stylish bathroom you desire by using materials that will make your room design unique.




Design beautiful bathrooms with Autokitchen 11

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

New textures and bathroom fixtures
We just released the Summer Catalog Update for Autokitchen 11. The update really expands your choices in almost all relevant categories, including cabinetry, appliances, textures and bathroom fixtures. 

We are very excited about some of the new wall textures, including the new micro tiles shown in the above image and the wavy tiles shown in the image below.

Several new bathroom over-the-counter vessels are also included, completing an already rich collection of bathroom fixtures.  As always, the dimensions in these new fixtures can be altered via a quick right-click, so that you can portray them as you want them to look.



Vintage And Sculptural Bathroom Design With Cooper Pipes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This project is a renovation of a bathroom on the top floor of a late 19th century house located near Amsterdam. The antique 100-year old cast iron enamel clawfootbath and original timber doors are the only remaining elements from the existing bathroom. Even though the bathroom became contemporary with all according features it doesn’t become sterile as many other modern bathrooms. Experiences of nature formed the inspiration: the characteristics of water, the interaction of light and shadows, frost and decay, taking into account the ageing of the space and the materials. Existing materials from the house are continued into the space: terrazzo and plaster ceilings while the original timber doors are painted glossy black to give them a new life.

Ceramic tiles with a floral relief compose the walls. Like the rest of the copperwork, they will age over time taking on a greenish tint. There aren’t traditional fittings in this bathroom. They all are made of copper pipes here and have very unusual shapes. These pipes will also change their looks with age.bathroom design ideas, bathroom design inspirations, classic bathroom design, stylish bathroom design, unique bathroom designs



Bathroom Fixtures

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Even though the bathroom is a small space in the home, it needs to house a great deal of fittings and fixtures. Make yourself familiar with all the different types of bathroom fixtures required for a successful bathroom.
They usually consist of a wc or toilet, a wash hand basin or vanity unit, a bath tub, and a shower. There are so many variables on each and every fixture, some companies design complete ranges of product that combine together to create an excellent designer bathroom look and makes choosing fixtures easy, but depending on the type of space you have and the water pressure system, whether you are renovating or starting from new, these ranges or collections sometimes won’t fit or suit the existing space and systems that you have. You still need to learn all about the fixtures to ensure you make the correct design decisions for your bathroom.

Types of Faucets   Urinals and Bidets   Shower Head   Bath Spout   Extract Fan Heat Lamps   Towel Rails   Toilet Roll Holders   Soap Dispensers   Bathroom Vanity

WC or Toilet Pans  The pan is the main structure of the toilet, it holds the water, creates the space for the seat and attaches to the cistern to enable the water to flush through it. There are three different types of the wash down pan. They have the S, P and skew types of trap.

WC or Toilet Seats This is an important feature in a bathroom as it provides comfort for the user. It sits on the toilet pan and usually has a lid.

WC or Toilet Cisterns The cistern is where the water is stored for the flush of the WC or toilet.

Basins and Materials There are numerous types of basins, which are used to wash hands in and they are made in a number of different materials. Sometimes the basin will be fixed into a joinery unit that may have drawers and or cupboards, this is called a vanity unit. A basin may be fixed into a joinery unit; hung on the wall or be self-set on a pedestal. They are constructed of various materials, the most common is porcelain. It is important when selecting the basin type to think about the taps or faucets that you are going to use, as this will dictate what type of basin you can install.

Baths and Bath Tubs The bath or bath tub is a necessity if you have young children as well as being a luxury item for adults. We think it is a simple item by when you go to buy one, you will be inundated with questions about what type you want. Find out some more information on baths and bath tubs.

Showers Showers can be a ready made kit or can be built to your needs and specifications. They can be designed for one or more people and numerous finishes are available to use.

Loads of room for the kids in this bathroom.

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