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Bathroom Wall Hung Jet Washbasins From HIB

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom  Wall Hung Jet Washbasins From HIB, Mineral Marble compact washbasin, ideal for cloakrooms. Read more »



New Bathroom Faucets With Swarovsky Crysyal

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom faucets by Giulini Giovanny always stand out not only by functionality and high quality but also by excellent and aesthetical designs. This year it has presented a new collection – Crystal, which is created for those people who are keen on brilliant and luxury things. All faucets in this collection are decorated by Swarovsky Crystal and moreover almost all of them have valves made of big crystal.


The light and the water reflect in such valves and demonstrate an amazing and attractive spectacle of colors game. Such bathroom faucets could become the most beautiful and splendid functional decoration of any bathroom. Read more »



Hydrotherapy + Color Therapy in Your Shower

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


When you are having a stressful day, a nice luxurious shower can help more than almost anything else. Add in some soothing music and you’re likely to orget you ever had stress in the first place. Bathroom specialistsRamon Soler combine water, music and color/light therapy to provide the ultimate relaxation experience at home.

The Hidrocrom line of hydrochromotherapy systems is designed to shower you in relaxing sensations and to improve your overall health and well-being. According to Ramon Soler, shining different colors of light on the skin has tremendous health benefits. Read more »



Pine Bathroom Furniture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Organize your bathroom the elegant way with our Hearts of Pine Bathroom Space Saver, Storage Tower, Towel Stacker, Tissue Holder and Tank Topper. (each sold separately) Solid pine frames, accented by graceful heart cutouts. Assembly required.

Pine Space Saver

Pine Space Saver Bathroom Furniture: Fits over standard toilet. Cabinet with shelf is perfect for storing linens or toiletries. 23 1/2″ w x 71 1/2″ h x 9″ d.

Pine Storage Tower

Pine Storage Tower Bathroom Furniture: Has 4 storage/display shelves and a shelf in the cupboard below. 16″ w x 60 1/2″ h x 8 1/2″ d.

Pine Towel Stacker

Pine Towel Stacker Bathroom Furniture: Turn folded towels into an attractive display. 18″ w x 31″ h x 11″ d.

Pine Bathroom Tissue Holder

Pine Tissue Holder Bathroom Furniture: A lift-off top keeps up to 4 rolls out of sight, yet close to hand. 7 1/4″ sq. x 25″ h.

Pine Tank Topper

Pine Tank Topper Bathroom Furniture: A raised edge prevents items from slipping off. 23″ w x 4″ h x 8″ d.




Bathroom Alcove Vanities Remodeling

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The lead article (the table of contents if you will) is titled  Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom  Alcove Vanities . An alcove is an area that is surround by three walls. Many times, the “breakfast nook” of a kitchen is in an alcove. Tubs that touch three walls are “alcove tubs”. Vanities that touch three walls are “alcove vanities”. What makes alcove vanities special is the measuring of them needs more precision than that for a vanity that only touches two walls. If you accidently get one that is 1/4 inch too wide, you have a serious problem.


If you need an alcove bathroomvanity and the exact size of your opening is not available, get the next size smaller, as all vanity makers make spacers so there is no gap on the side of the vanity. Then when you put your counter top on (which is measured even more precisely), the fact that you have a spacer somewhere is not obvious to the eye. And speaking of your bathroom remodeling Bathroom  Alcove Vanities,  we would very much appreciate an opportunity to be of service.



Update Your Bathroom by Quick Fixes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Quick Fixes Bathrooms are one of those rooms that don’t always get high on the priority list in terms of decorating. This is bizarre as it’s one of the most often used rooms in the house and it probably takes the most wear and tear. In fact, it would probably need refreshing more often than other rooms like the living room or dining room.

Perhaps we’re more concerned about what reception rooms look like as these are the rooms all our visitors will see, while the bathroom is essentially a private domain.

But if you want to give your bathroom a new lease of life without spending a fortune, here are a few suggestions.

Repaint. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any bathroom. It’s worth spending the extra on special bathroom paint as it will cope better with the condensation and therefore last longer than normal emulsion.


Change the shower. A decent shower can make a world of difference to any bathroom. You can easily get a new shower fitted, or if you’re handy, fit it yourself. A Mira shower is a great option as the range extends from electric showers – which are cheap to install and run – through to power showers which will make you feel like you’re bathing in a tropical storm!

Declutter.Update Your Bathroom , Bathrooms can be one of the worse rooms in the house for accumulating clutter. It’s so easy just to add more bottles and jars of shower gel, shampoo, body lotion etc, to the ones you already have. Sort through all your toiletries, bin the ones you no longer want and get a good-sized cabinet to store everything that you’re keeping – rather than lining the sides of the bath and the windowsill with them. It’s amazing how much better your bathroom will look with empty surfaces.

Just a few simple changes will transform your bathroom, with no need to replace the bathroom suite. Give it a go and see how much nicer a place your bathroom can be!

- Update Your Bathroom by Quick Fixes This is a guest post done by Ann Nguyen on behalf of Mira Showers UK.



Original and Drinking Waterfall Bathroom Tap

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Original and Refine Waterfall Bathroom Tap – Fan by Fluid

Fluid Provides 8 Incredible Bathing room faucet Selections, which Simply could decorate any Bathing room Style. Dynamics, Artwork and Engineering have Turn into the inspiration for all of them. A Solo of the most refine Selections has as prototype an Asian Enthusiast, which demonstrates a Higher Interpersonal Standing. This Selection is named Fan and all taps from it remind this Stunning Old Asian accessory Incredibly A great deal. This kind of Bathing room tap could Simply Include the Design and elegance to your Bathing room. This polished tap
Produces an Incredible Drinking waterfall Impact, which charms by its Attractiveness. It is Offered in Solo lever and dual Deal with Types. In Includeitional to Fantastic Style, this bath tap could Aid you to Help save the Drinking water and can be equipped with a Minimal-fMinimal aerator.

The Even more Details about this Incredible Drinking waterfall Bathing room tap you could Come across on Fluid Website. bath faucets, bath taps, Bathing room taps, dual Deal with Bathing room faucet, Fluid, Modern day tap, Solo lever Bathing room faucet, Solo lever faucet, wall
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Gorgeous Wooden Bathtubs From Alegna

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Alegna is a Corporation with Several Many years of Expertise in yacht Developing and the Digesting of Higher-Superior woods. By combining exotic woods and Modern day composite Components they Create Genuinely gorgeous wooden bathtubs of Excellent Superior. The Corporation has Various collections of Various bathtubs.

There are Zero cost-standing, Constructed-in and some other Types that can make Satisfied Anybody. All Alegna’s bathtubs has exelent ergonomic and in some of them you can relax as alone as in Corporation.

They all are also Included with Higherly resistant varnish that has been Tried Below the hardest Disorders.bathtub, decorative bathtubs, glamour bathtubs, Modern bathtub, Modern day bathtubs, wooden bathtubs, KBC



Hi-Tech Toilet and Toilet Seat Cover – WASHLET BY TOTO

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Giovannoni WASHLET is just the Most recent Point in the evolution of  TOTO’s WASHLET toilet and Clean up Engineering programmes. FoStefano Giovannoni’s Layout has been Accomplished with no sacrifice of technology, and Nevertheless Functions a Do it yourself-Cleanup washing wand, a heated seat, a deodoriser and remote Handle, as Nicely as TOTO’s revolutionary rimless toilet Layout, Tornado Flush and CeFiONtect coating in Maintaining with the Organization’s Clean up Engineering mantra. The Giovannoni WASHLET Effectively captures The two the essence of Italian Design and the sophistication of Japanese Bathing room Tradition. { TOTO } Modern toilets, futuristic toilets, hi-tech Bathing rooms, hi-tech toilets, luxury toilets, Contemporary toilets, toilet, toilet seat Handles, Hi-Tech Toilets and Toilet Seat Covers – WASHLET BY



Simple Spectacular Bathroom Design Ideas from Flaminia

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Relax in the bath for a moment and calm your mind after a day of activity is a fun solution. Things like this can be realized if you have a comfortable bathroom. Flaminia is one specialized enterprise bathroom manufacturer in Italy to try to provide references as well as solutions for those of you who want to create simple and spectacular bathrooms. Below we show some examples of the bathroom with a view that is simple and spectacular. Decorated with bright colors like white, gray, red and blue so as to create a fresh atmosphere of the bathroom. When you wish to apply one of these bathroom design in your home, you can find it by visiting the Flaminia.