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Before and After Bathrooms

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Our bathroom photos gallery highlights brilliant before and after bathroom makeovers. Three winning remodelers were featured for their redesigns of the ugliest bathrooms in the country in the America’s Ugliest Bathrooms: Solved contest. American Standard Brands is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality building products, including bathroom faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen as well as decorative panels. See bathroom designs photos of the transformation of an uninviting, windowless bathroom covered in dark wallpaper and wood trim.


“I was so impressed by the quality of the entries of the bathrooms renovation and bathroom photos we received in this contest,” Thayer remarked. “It was a pleasure to review such beautiful and innovative remodeling work.” The contest winning redesign by Trent Ketchum of Fulford Home Remodeling was a vintage bath makeover featuring a photo gallery of glossy subway tiles and a new clawfoot tub. Ketchum gutted the original bathroom paved in drab yellow tiles and expanded the tiny room to create this now expansive master bath with a vintage bath flair.

American Standard Brands is a leading North American manufacturer of a wide range of high quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures and products, including faucets, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other related products. Three talented remodeling professionals were recognized for their abilities – and their bravery – in overcoming some of America’s most drab and uninviting bathrooms, transforming these ugly ducklings into beautiful showpieces as part of an online contest sponsored by American Standard Brands.



Master Bathrooms Gallery Modern Design Idea

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Some of the best designs have a dramatic twist, a hidden surprise that makes them worthy of note. Others are simply remarkably for their elegant simplicity, even if they are clean, perfect and idealized beyond the realm of real-life possibility – like the great (but expensive) ideas in these designer bathroom pictures.

With modular moving panels that let you shape space, these layouts from Karol of course require that you have enough space to actually divide your bathroom design into different areas. Also, some of these high-end luxury finishes may not make it into your next remodeling budget. Read more »



Bathroom Design With Custom Mosaic Tile

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

We all know that with mosaic tiles we could created very beautiful wall design in bathrooms and kitchens. Although usually only simple patterns come in mind. De Meza + Architecture+ Interiors created much more interesting bathroom design for 2010 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Pixilated walls that they created with black and white mosaic tiles looks more like an artwork than a simple pattern. In order to create this really complicated pattern Spec Ceramics created 12” x 12” mesh sheets with tiles that was much more easy to install later.


The back wall of the shower, draws inspiration from a photo of a French staircase that used tiled words on the risers. The floor and adjacent wall pattern was designed to create movement in the space and to also draw attention to the back wall of the shower. In the result, designers have got a modern design that live within a traditional envelope.  Read more »



Bathrooms With Washbasins Below Windows

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Side view of a sink under a stained-glass window in a green bathroom

Even though it is very popular to put a sink below the window on a kitchen, the same layout in a bathroom isn’t popular at all. We gathered for you some examples of such layout to prove that it is really great. Of course it’s a matter of taste but we all know that natural light is great for your skin so it’s a great idea to put a washbasin and a mirror close to windows in bathrooms.  Windows are a great addition to the bathroom.  Having the right contractor like Houston roofing install the windows can really make all the difference. Read more »



Polymorphic Materials Bathtub Concept

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The possibilities of polymorphic materials are endless – and these technologies are not as far away as they once were.

Consider this application – a simple tub transforms to suit all kinds of needs, all within a single footprint of space. No more separate hot tub or jacuzzi required.


Designed by Russian Yaroslav Rassadin for the Roca Jump the Gap Competition, it might be a while before you can buy it, but it will sure be nice to soak in once you can. Read more »



Math Bathrooms – Bathroom Tile Patterns

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Tiling a bathroom may sound like one of the most boring do-it-yourself tasks you could try, so why not make it a bit more interesting and install something that is as much a geek-inspired installation piece as a pragmatic tile-and-grout floor pattern. Wondering how to start your next tile project? How about this: instead of patterning your work after some famous mosaic or work of ceramic art, creatively explore complex geometries as they apply to your otherwise-simple ceramic tile floors.


At first glance, these do not look that extraordinary – one could image going to the local tile shop and simply buying tiles to fit these generic patterns. There is a bit more mystery to them, however, than you might guess. “This design is a quasiperiodic tiling discovered by Robert Ammann. It’s like the more famous Penrose tiling by rhombuses, except that it has 8-fold symmetry instead of 5-fold symmetry.” While the patterns are cool and compelling, you may wish, however, to choose a more convincing color scheme in for your own home version. Read more »



Subway Bathroom Tile: 3D Floor & Wall Mosaic

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Looking for ideas on how to tile a bathroom? No problem: start on the green line then home to the red right where the blue, yellow and purple intersect. Pictures, sketches, drawings and maps – taking these together you can start to see how this artist changed an abstract subway map into a concrete (or rather: glass and ceramic) tiling project covering three walls and the floor of this otherwise unremarkable bathroom.


Rarely do we see bathrooms that engage a design idea with such uncanny three-dimensionality. The grout becomes a grid that shapes the patterns that travel up, down and all around the room, while the pattern is carefully constructed at just the right scale to work with the dimensions of the interior space. Read more »



Beautiful Luxury Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


If you like luxury designs and don’t share love to minimalism then Collezione 1941 is right for you. If you dream to create a bathroom similar to royal one of 19th century and surround yourself by beauty and splendor then you surely appreciate this collection by Italian company Savio Firmino.


The company doesn’t follow fashionable modern trends, but it creates a really unique and wonderful furniture. Collection 1941 is furniture set made in neoclassic style. Every its element amazes by its refinement and elegance. Almost all of them are decorated by jewels and gold or silver leafs. Sophisticated hand-engravings make this bathroom set even more marvelous. Read more »



Little Boys Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


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I’ve already showed you some cool kids bathroom designs and bathrooms for little girls. Now it’s time to show you some ideas to design a bathroom for a little boy.


The most logical theme of a boys bathroom is the sea. Everything associated with it would work well. Although pirates and Navy are the most coolest themes. Of course hunting or sport would work great too. Check out pictures and tell us what you think. Read more »



Strange or Sexy Bizarre Bathroom Sink Fixtures

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Really, would these sinks make you stimulated … or strangely uncomfortable? Unfortunately, the designer’s thoughts are unknown is this was an anonymously submitted image that will surely.


Each piece was clearly individualy sculpted and the surrounding decor suggests an elegant setting – so really, it may have been a bold move to include such sexy (or at least scandalous) bathroom sinks in whatever location this may be.