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Bathroom Colors

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There are many different bathroom paint ideas to incorporate into you remodel. Whether you are painting the space yourself or hiring professionals, you can search through our photo galleries for ideas on colors for rooms. Here you can find trendy colors to paint a bathroom to keep your style up to date with the most popular fashions. Adding a new coat of paint to your walls can give your dull and drab room the revamp that it needs to feel like a brand new space. Selecting color palettes is an important step in your design process. The color schemes you choose will help to pull the style together and create the perfect space. Because the bathroom is such as small area it is important to choose the best colors to reflect light and open up the room. We’ll show you some of the most popular bathroom colors of 2014 to help transform your boring space into the most beautiful room in the house.

bathroom vanity blue colors

bathroom vanity blue colors

Last year, the best bathroom colors in 2013 were dark shades of red, blue, green, and purple. These color combos made for a regal and dramatic style for your home. However, in a small room like a bathroom, a dark paint color absorbs light and makes the space feel even smaller. Thus the design trends of 2014 are moving towards lighter shades. The best paint colors 2014 are soft pastels like blue, green, purple, and peach that will reflect light and open up the room. This pale paint colors are representative of feng shui designs that bring peace and tranquility to your space. By pairing these light wall colors with white or similar tile colors you can create a serene atmosphere. White bathroom tile designs match any style and can be a nice accent for colored paints on the wall. However, using colored tiles that are a slightly darker shade than the paint can also produce a beautiful look. For example applying a light teal coat of paint on the walls with a darker mix of teal tiles in the shower will create a gorgeous appearance. Read more »



Classic Charmer

By Bathroom Designer

Classic Charmer

A turn-of-the-century sideboard was rejuvenated with a few coats of creamy white paint and converted into a vanity to become the focal point of this quaint bathroom. A modern-day interpretation of toile wallpaper wraps the walls in further historical charm.



Update Your Bathroom by Quick Fixes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Quick Fixes Bathrooms are one of those rooms that don’t always get high on the priority list in terms of decorating. This is bizarre as it’s one of the most often used rooms in the house and it probably takes the most wear and tear. In fact, it would probably need refreshing more often than other rooms like the living room or dining room.

Perhaps we’re more concerned about what reception rooms look like as these are the rooms all our visitors will see, while the bathroom is essentially a private domain.

But if you want to give your bathroom a new lease of life without spending a fortune, here are a few suggestions.

Repaint. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any bathroom. It’s worth spending the extra on special bathroom paint as it will cope better with the condensation and therefore last longer than normal emulsion.


Change the shower. A decent shower can make a world of difference to any bathroom. You can easily get a new shower fitted, or if you’re handy, fit it yourself. A Mira shower is a great option as the range extends from electric showers – which are cheap to install and run – through to power showers which will make you feel like you’re bathing in a tropical storm!

Declutter.Update Your Bathroom , Bathrooms can be one of the worse rooms in the house for accumulating clutter. It’s so easy just to add more bottles and jars of shower gel, shampoo, body lotion etc, to the ones you already have. Sort through all your toiletries, bin the ones you no longer want and get a good-sized cabinet to store everything that you’re keeping – rather than lining the sides of the bath and the windowsill with them. It’s amazing how much better your bathroom will look with empty surfaces.

Just a few simple changes will transform your bathroom, with no need to replace the bathroom suite. Give it a go and see how much nicer a place your bathroom can be!

- Update Your Bathroom by Quick Fixes This is a guest post done by Ann Nguyen on behalf of Mira Showers UK.



Color Wash Basins by Regia

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Wallpaper color wash basin by Regia is an eye catcher. It’s a brand new addition to the bathroom line up at Regia and was presented at Cersaie 2011. Available in various modern colorful tones (brown, green, blue, white and yellow), this wash basin is adorned with a beautiful pattern and textural quality inspired by wallpaper. Regia is about fresh, experimental, high-quality designs and Wallpaper is definitely exemplary of that. It’s bold, brightly colored and highly unique. It’s tall, freestanding design will give it a certain prominence in any bathroom space. Visit Regia for more information.

Color Wash BasinsWallpaper colorwash basinbathroom space, Regia,  modern colorful tones



Bathroom Decorative Painting Definitions

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Decorative painting can provide the vehicle to create themed bathrooms. There are so many ways to decorate with paint, your imagination is the limit.

Below you will find simple definitions of the types of painting, these can be grouped into two categories decorative paint finishes and faux finishes.

These range from the soft subtle texture of dragging to the destinctive statement of imitating timber with graining.

Decorative Paint Finishes - this is a way of changing the look and texture of something by using paint and often glazes or scumbles. I.e. dragging, combing, sponging.

Faux Finishes - this is a way of imitating existing finishes onto our existing item. i.e. tortoise shelling, marbling, graining.

Wonderful use of decorative painting around the mirror and table.

Decorative Finishes

Stencilling is great for creating a change of color in a bathroom, use them as a border between two colors, they create movement and add color when used above the vanity or around a mirror. Read more on Stencilling.

For More Information on Decorative Paint Finishes

Lacquering (Japanning), Antiquing , Crackle-Glaze , Craquelure , Dragging , Stippling, Ragging , Colourwash, Sponging, Rubbing, Stamping, Wall Painting (Mural), Trompe l’oeil – (To deceive the eye) – this is useful in the bathroom as it can provide the illusion of a larger space, Combing, Bagging, Distressing, Gilding, Limewash, Spattering.

Faux Finishes

Verdigris, Graining, Marbling, Tortoise Shelling, Bambooing



Bathroom Wall Finishes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Find information on color, paint and wall coverings to help you make decisions on your bathroom wall finishes.

Using color in the form of paint or wall coverings is a brilliant way to add decoration to a bathroom. It definitely creates the mood and theme as well as wall paper adding texture and pattern.

Often bathrooms can look cold and sterile, all the fixtures are white and stark, the fixings cold and shiny, simply by adding a yellow and white striped wall paper the space is brighter and has atmosphere.

A border can be fun to add, especially if it is a children’s bathroom or a holiday home. You can theme with lots of colored shapes on a border, a border of bubbles, or a nautical themed border for a beach house.

There are so many wonderful designs to choose from.

Wallpaper in this bathroom adds drama and creative flair.

When renovating wallpaper is often a wise selection for the walls. Over time the substrate (wall surface) can become imperfect after years of redecoration and it can be quite expensive to repair and fill or replace to paint over. Wallpaper won’t hide all the imperfections but it will make them less noticable than a paint finish would.

Bathroom Decorative Paint Finishes

Learn about the different types of decorative paint finishes and how they are achieved. A great way to makeover a bathroom for a small budget.

Home design guide to bathroom wall finishes for decorating bathrooms with paint, color and wallpaper. Learn about the products before using them.

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Bathroom Paint Decoration

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Paint and Decoration

The easiest way to alter the look of a bathroom is with the addition of paint.

It can provide a wonderful facelift for a room at little expense. You can use decorative paint finishes or a traditional paint finish.

Generally most people’s bathrooms are small, therefore the colors that are selected  are most frequently very light and airy, often soft pastels or natural neutrals, this allows the space to seem large as the light reflects making the room brighter.

If dark colors are used it encloses the space as much of the light is absorbed.

White is probably the most common color used, but it does provide a great base for adding accents, be it accessories like towels, soaps or tiled or wallpaper borders and stencilled friezes.

To follow are links to more detailed information about paint and how it is made up, uses and applications.

Soft subtle cool colors work well here to create a light and airy bathroom space.

Paint Bathroom

What is paint? It is a fine coating which is applied to a surface in liquid form which then dries to provide a flexible solid form protective surface from weathering, dirt and dust, water and sunlight. It provides an easily cleanable surface and it is a fabulous way to provide aesthetics to a room through color. It comes in many forms and each offers different functions.

Pure Oil and Oil Based Paints and Varnishes

Read more on Pure Oil and Oil Based Paints and Varnishes

Water Thinned Coatings Read more »



Bathroom Color Paint Wallcoverings

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Color Wall Coverings and Paint

Bathroom color and design can be complex but it’s great to know that choosing colors and wall coverings for bathrooms is a simple exercise.

After you have spent hours over selecting all your fittings and fixtures the bathroom theme or style is then very straight forward to choosing the wall covering, colors and paint.

The options or choices will depend on whether you are designing for a new home, renovating and remodeling or a simple makeover because you may only be choosing paint colors and types for your makeover, or going all the way with color back glass, tiles and wallpaper.

In this section you will be directed to the area of bathroom color, wall coverings and paint that you need to complete your bathroom project – be it the simple change of paint color to your walls or new tiles, wallpaper, pre finished panel, color back glass for your new dream bathroom.