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Before and After Bathroom designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Contempory small bathroom designs feature clean lines and minimalist elements. A mold-infested bathroom outfitted with cheap tile and cabinets, and a drab beige tub deck is transformed into a contempory bath with porcelain sinks and granite countertops as is shown in these before and after bathroom photos. Another project highlights an ugly, windowless bathroom covered in dark wallpaper and wood trim featured plastic columns, brown wallpaper, and lacked a window. The bright and customized new master bathroom makeover showcased non-splash sink bowls and sleek cabinetry.

Explore your bathroom in a three-dimensional environment and use free online bath design tools to create a virtual design from your own floor plan or using bathroom photos. If you are planning a new bath remodeling project, today’s internet is your best resource for bathroom designs and planning tools. With free online tools you can change the floor plans, change the colors of the products, add a whirlpool, or paint the walls. Choose between their bathroom photography with standard bathroom fixtures or use your own photograph of your bathroom. Also featuring the ability to save and print your favorite bath design along with faucet model numbers and prices. You can even place a person in your virtual bathroom to give you an idea of how much room you have to move around in.

American Standard Brands is a leading North American manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality building products, including faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen as well as decorative panels.



Before and After Bathrooms

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Our bathroom photos gallery highlights brilliant before and after bathroom makeovers. Three winning remodelers were featured for their redesigns of the ugliest bathrooms in the country in the America’s Ugliest Bathrooms: Solved contest. American Standard Brands is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality building products, including bathroom faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen as well as decorative panels. See bathroom designs photos of the transformation of an uninviting, windowless bathroom covered in dark wallpaper and wood trim.


“I was so impressed by the quality of the entries of the bathrooms renovation and bathroom photos we received in this contest,” Thayer remarked. “It was a pleasure to review such beautiful and innovative remodeling work.” The contest winning redesign by Trent Ketchum of Fulford Home Remodeling was a vintage bath makeover featuring a photo gallery of glossy subway tiles and a new clawfoot tub. Ketchum gutted the original bathroom paved in drab yellow tiles and expanded the tiny room to create this now expansive master bath with a vintage bath flair.

American Standard Brands is a leading North American manufacturer of a wide range of high quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures and products, including faucets, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other related products. Three talented remodeling professionals were recognized for their abilities – and their bravery – in overcoming some of America’s most drab and uninviting bathrooms, transforming these ugly ducklings into beautiful showpieces as part of an online contest sponsored by American Standard Brands.



A Bungalow Bath Remodel

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Forty-five minutes into what what supposed to be a simple bathroom makeover, Fine Homebuilding reader and Breaktime poster, Paul Waterloo realized a total gut job was called for. He and his fiancée decided to use the opportunity to create their dream bathroom. View photos of the remodel’s milestones and read A Decisive Bathroom Remodel for Paul’s first-hand account of the project.

A Bungalow Bath Remodel

A Bungalow Bath Remodel

Improving functionality. Before the remodel, the existing bathroom had a poor layout. You had to step around the toilet to go anywhere, and the light switch for the single circuit was located 5 ft. inside the room. The radiator took up valuable floor space, and the glass-block window allowed no ventilation in the summer and would not seal during the winter.

Unexpected suprises. Once I started taking up the floor tile, I realized the cementboard underlayment was coming up with it and would have to be removed. Then I discovered there were multiple layers of flooring under the cementboard, including the original 1×6 subfloor, tongue-and-groove finish flooring, and a layer of linoleum.



Bathroom Furniture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

For many of us, the bathroom is the one room in the house where the style has not changed in years. Rather than spending money on renovating the bathroom, we put the money towards remodeling the kitchen, buying new furniture and carpeting for the living room, or renovating the master bedroom. It is surprising the difference new bathroom furniture can make from the simple addition of a new bathroom vanity or bathroom basin. Sprucing up your bathroom and giving it some pizzazz can cost little money without breaking the bank at!

Bathroom Furniture Designs – The Finishing Touch For Your Bathroom Makeover!

So you have decided to make over your bathroom? You are ready for a whole new look. So do you have to just live with ugly old furniture, or buy new furniture altogether? No, not at all! By carefully assessing your design needs at the onset of your remodeling project, this will save both time and money. By capitalizing on the existing architecture of the bathroom furniture designs can be beneficial for redecorating on a budget.

Design Concepts for New Bathrooms at!

The KBC’s bathroom furniture store is distinctively different. Simply browse through our wide selection of vanities and discover designs and styles you have never envisioned. From the sleek to majestic vanity set, you will find every bathroom furniture to fit the new look and style of your bathroom remodel.

Your new vanity furniture is sure to improve your bathrooms image and be an attractive focal point of your rooms design from KBC BATHROOMS, your leading bathroom furniture supplier!



Bathroom Curtains Blinds Shower Curtain

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Curtains, Blinds and Shower Curtains

Bathroom privacy is often an issue in urban areas, requiring the selection of blinds or curtains to cover bathroom windows.

Sometimes the use of translucent glazing is an option but then you lose a lot of natural light.

Using blinds or curtains means that you have choices, you can have them up or drawn, for general bathroom use or when you need privacy – they can be lowered or closed.

Shower curtains are another area covered in this section of the web site. They are useful for privacy as well as keeping you warmer in the shower and reducing the water leaving the shower area. Shower curtains are an ideal way to makeover a bathroom and a very popular bathroom accessory.

Shower Curtain Style

See how easy it is to change your bathroom look with a luxurious shower curtain.

Bathroom Blinds
Bathroom Formal Curtains
Bathroom Window Glazing

Curtains and blinds used together, the blinds for privacy and the curtains for decoration.



Bathroom Paint Decoration

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Paint and Decoration

The easiest way to alter the look of a bathroom is with the addition of paint.

It can provide a wonderful facelift for a room at little expense. You can use decorative paint finishes or a traditional paint finish.

Generally most people’s bathrooms are small, therefore the colors that are selected  are most frequently very light and airy, often soft pastels or natural neutrals, this allows the space to seem large as the light reflects making the room brighter.

If dark colors are used it encloses the space as much of the light is absorbed.

White is probably the most common color used, but it does provide a great base for adding accents, be it accessories like towels, soaps or tiled or wallpaper borders and stencilled friezes.

To follow are links to more detailed information about paint and how it is made up, uses and applications.

Soft subtle cool colors work well here to create a light and airy bathroom space.

Paint Bathroom

What is paint? It is a fine coating which is applied to a surface in liquid form which then dries to provide a flexible solid form protective surface from weathering, dirt and dust, water and sunlight. It provides an easily cleanable surface and it is a fabulous way to provide aesthetics to a room through color. It comes in many forms and each offers different functions.

Pure Oil and Oil Based Paints and Varnishes

Read more on Pure Oil and Oil Based Paints and Varnishes

Water Thinned Coatings Read more »



Bathroom Color Paint Wallcoverings

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Color Wall Coverings and Paint

Bathroom color and design can be complex but it’s great to know that choosing colors and wall coverings for bathrooms is a simple exercise.

After you have spent hours over selecting all your fittings and fixtures the bathroom theme or style is then very straight forward to choosing the wall covering, colors and paint.

The options or choices will depend on whether you are designing for a new home, renovating and remodeling or a simple makeover because you may only be choosing paint colors and types for your makeover, or going all the way with color back glass, tiles and wallpaper.

In this section you will be directed to the area of bathroom color, wall coverings and paint that you need to complete your bathroom project – be it the simple change of paint color to your walls or new tiles, wallpaper, pre finished panel, color back glass for your new dream bathroom.



Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas and Examples

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Bathroom Vanity

Although the bathroom vanity  is essentially a joinery unit we will cover it here briefly as it is often a proprietary fitting that can be purchased off the shelf and installed. Some bathroom vanity have a separate ceramic basin installed in the top and others have an integral top with the basin. It is a personal preference, however as with other ceramic, glass and plastic fittings check the hardness and brittleness i.e. can it be scratched and can it be chipped?

Then make your judgment as to the bathroom vanity durability. Ensure that the vanity units’ top drains back to the basin. So should the soap dishes. The vanity top should have a raised up stand at the back to catch splashes.This is instead of being directly on the wall. If not tiles, mirror or some other innovative and attractive finish should be used. This is because paint will eventually peel or blister.

It is often a good idea to have raised edges around the top of vanities bench to stop water dripping off the edge especially if it is for a family with young children. Many dont. Check this or at least ensure that there is a fall to the top of the vanity that keeps water draining back to the bowl.

The storage within each bathroom vanity should be able to hold large items such as cans of hair spray. It should also be able to be locked or have safety locks on them for the sake of young children. Hair sprays, nail polishes and soaps are all poisons. Check with the sizes of the products that you use. They are not all standard sizes and you often find the manufacturer of these products use novelty sizes and shapes. They do this to help sell the item. That makes them difficult to store.

Ceramic vessel basin set in a rimu timber vanity top.

A ceramic basin set into a laminate top.

As part of your design evaluation of the bathroom vanity, confirm what is going to be stored and what the unit is made of.

We use lots of different compounds and chemicals in our cleaning and polishing of our bodies. These can be caustic or abrasive to some finishes.

This bathroom vanity has great storage capacity.

This bathroom vanity has a slim top and semi recessed basin allowing for more room in the bathroom.

Hair products in particular often come in varying sized shaped bottles and containers.

A unit with an abundance of different sized drawers can be the most practical, so that medicines, hair products, skin products etc. can all be stored and locked off separately if necessary.

This vanity has a marble top with a bottom fixed basin, lots of good storage and brilliant use of mirrors to make the space look larger.

Double basins can be very useful in large families. One end can be lowered with separate taps and basin for younger children. Ensure that an overflow is in the vanity. This is especially necessary if the bathroom doesn’t have a floor drain.

Alternately a separate cabinet higher up or elsewhere in the bathroom may be used to for the storage of the items and the underside of the cabinet left open or used for towel storage.

Double basins – shown here semi recessed, are a luxury item for couples or busy families sharing the same bathroom space, allowing quicker turn around of ablutions.



Bathroom Fixtures

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Even though the bathroom is a small space in the home, it needs to house a great deal of fittings and fixtures. Make yourself familiar with all the different types of bathroom fixtures required for a successful bathroom.
They usually consist of a wc or toilet, a wash hand basin or vanity unit, a bath tub, and a shower. There are so many variables on each and every fixture, some companies design complete ranges of product that combine together to create an excellent designer bathroom look and makes choosing fixtures easy, but depending on the type of space you have and the water pressure system, whether you are renovating or starting from new, these ranges or collections sometimes won’t fit or suit the existing space and systems that you have. You still need to learn all about the fixtures to ensure you make the correct design decisions for your bathroom.

Types of Faucets   Urinals and Bidets   Shower Head   Bath Spout   Extract Fan Heat Lamps   Towel Rails   Toilet Roll Holders   Soap Dispensers   Bathroom Vanity

WC or Toilet Pans  The pan is the main structure of the toilet, it holds the water, creates the space for the seat and attaches to the cistern to enable the water to flush through it. There are three different types of the wash down pan. They have the S, P and skew types of trap.

WC or Toilet Seats This is an important feature in a bathroom as it provides comfort for the user. It sits on the toilet pan and usually has a lid.

WC or Toilet Cisterns The cistern is where the water is stored for the flush of the WC or toilet.

Basins and Materials There are numerous types of basins, which are used to wash hands in and they are made in a number of different materials. Sometimes the basin will be fixed into a joinery unit that may have drawers and or cupboards, this is called a vanity unit. A basin may be fixed into a joinery unit; hung on the wall or be self-set on a pedestal. They are constructed of various materials, the most common is porcelain. It is important when selecting the basin type to think about the taps or faucets that you are going to use, as this will dictate what type of basin you can install.

Baths and Bath Tubs The bath or bath tub is a necessity if you have young children as well as being a luxury item for adults. We think it is a simple item by when you go to buy one, you will be inundated with questions about what type you want. Find out some more information on baths and bath tubs.

Showers Showers can be a ready made kit or can be built to your needs and specifications. They can be designed for one or more people and numerous finishes are available to use.

Loads of room for the kids in this bathroom.

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Vintage and Modern Bathrooms by Irina Schastlivaya

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathrooms are among the most important rooms in every house, no matter they are small or large, simple or luxurious, white or colorful and they are part of our universe. When we have our home, we want to do it according to out own personality, to our taste and this also refers to our bathroom. If some of us prefer simplicity, others want their bathrooms to look like some works of art. Irina Schastilivaya’s designs are definitely in the second category. Who could imagine that simply by using patterns on tiles, your bathroom turns into a real work of art?

These details are eye-catching and make the space inviting, adding another dimension to the concept of common bathroom. There is a permanent combination of modern and vintage that creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The modern furniture pieces in a strong color and the strong patterns and decors on the tiles and the glass doors are the just an example.

Sometimes you can have a feeling of finding yourself in another period, in a residence, which belongs to a king or a queen, and not in a normal bathroom. At the same time, beyond the luxury, everything breathes modernity and elegance. Did you choose the bathroom that you like best?