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Enchanting Bathroom Design With Dark Accent And Fascinating Lighting

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom, Enchanting Bathroom Design With Dark Accent And Fascinating Lighting: Modern Bathroom with Intriguing Details Brighten Your Day

Find varying ideas about the enchanting Enchanting Bathroom Design With Dark Accent And Fascinating Lighting. You can get a lot of ideas about creating a nice design to apply to your own home from the article. The article can provide you ideas you need in creating considerably enchanting design to apply according to the latest home design trends in the world

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7×8 Small Modern Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

7x8 Small Modern Bathroom Designs

If your bathroom can be as large as a 7×8 bathroom floor plan, you can arrange the bathroom fixtures in a number of ways. Moreover, the extra floor space with small bathroom designs this size makes it possible to use the bathroom as a dressing room. This is also an economical arrangement if all the fixtures are placed along the 7 foot wall across from the door; you can save on the cost of piping by placing all the fixtures along one wall. To the left of the door is a floor-to-ceiling cabinet for towels and bath supplies. The tub has been recessed by building a wall between tub and the cabinet. The key to achieving well-designed modern bathrooms is to make it feel more spacious. Now, more than ever before, bathroom fixtures are available in a beautiful selection of colors, materials, sizes and styles. With small in size bathroom fixtures, you can visually open up the space. This is a popular solution adopted by many professional designers.

In the 7×8 modern bathroom design, you will need an overhead bathroom light fixture as well as light at the mirror. For most small bathroom designs, a light over the mirror, or bathroom sconces at the sides, will be enough. For side light fixtures, placement about 5-1/2 feet from floor to center of bulb is the right height. Place fixtures so the light shines on both sides of the face instead of in the mirror. For safety, use wall switches rather than pull chains for the light fixtures. In the bathroom it is usually possible to touch both water and metal while using electric bathroom appliances or switching on lights. There is a great danger of shock if wiring is defective, or equipment is not properly grounded. So, try to locate switches and convenience outlets out of reach of anyone in the tub and away from pipes or other metal objects in small bathroom designs.



bathroom vanity design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Luxury touches such as beautiful solid wood vanities and exotic granite countertops will add an elegant contemporary look to your room. Vanity lighting for a bathroom is another area that you can bring a unique decorative feel to the space. Professional designers agree that bathrooms are a very important measuring tool when determining the value of your home. Incorporating unexpected lavish touches in your remodel will add to the stylish relaxing feel of your space and drastically increase the value of your home. For example, browse home boutiques for trendy water bowl art and then mount it to a bathroom vanity for a vessel sink that can be found at many home improvement warehouses. A well-crafted vanity with storage in a bathroom is another unique luxury feature, especially in a master suite. When designing this feature, be sure to install bathroom vanity lights with mirror to give the lady of the house the ultimate personal dressing area. Look at our online galleries for bathroom vanity combo set ideas and inspiration to bring the best of bathroom luxury into your own home.

Budget remodelers that do not want to invest in new bath vanity cabinets with tops have several alternative options. For example, learning bathroom colors for 2014 include cabinets as an easy way to transform your existing pieces for very little cost. Be sure to choose a waterproof or high gloss paint that will be easy to clean and hold up to damp conditions. Lighter colors such as a pale grey or white double sink vanity are better than black cabinets because the do not show dirt as quickly and hide chips or paint job imperfections. This is especially important in a kid’s bathroom. Another great money saving option is to purchase cheap bathroom vanities and sinks that are unfinished and then paint them yourself. You can also find vanities without tops for a lower price then install on your own existing sink. New granite bath vanity tops are quite costly so this is a great way to revamp your space while still staying in budget. Take a look at our online guides for tips on how to replace a bathroom ideas 2014 countertop yourself so that your installation looks expertly done.



Au Naturel

By Bathroom Designer

Natural color oak and neutral limestone keep the palette in this bathroom light. At the end of the room is the expansive shower. Often shower glass can appear green, but these homeowners chose a special glass without color distortion, so the shower practically disappears.




His-and-Her Bath

By Bathroom Designer

His-and-Her Bath

The use of continuing horizontal lines, a large, frameless mirror, and well-placed task lighting helps to create the illusion of a larger space. The marble-clad dividing wall lends modesty to the toilet area, while creating a recessed storage opportunity. A must in every small bath, the shower has a curbless entry to eliminate demarcation of the limited footprint.



Bathroom Ceiling Lights from HiB

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Effective lighting in any modern bathroom is of paramount importance. Many bathrooms do not have adequate natural light sources and bathrooms are normally used in the early morning and at night.

Bathroom specialists HiB showed an array of bathroom ceiling lights at the KBC show which offer good but gently diffused illumination from six individually designed fittings that add class to any interior design.


All of these are electrically safe for use in a bathroom, and are all designed for low energy consumption while offering maximum illumination.

Arguably the most popular design for the future both aesthetically and technically is the Kinetic design – a circular fitting with chrome detail and a diffused shade covering an advanced LED light source. Read more »



6 Freestanding Modern Bathtub Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Does your ideal soaking experience involve a classic clawfoot corner-tub design, stark contemporary bathtub or something as informal and relaxing as a hammock? Whether you like the modest natural wood look or prefer the rather flashy (pun half-intended) see-through varieties, there is a luxury bathtub in this collection to fit virtually any bathroom personality and personal taste.


Offered by HighTech this elegantly curved wooden tub seems anything but, well, high tech – save maybe the smooth cylindrical metal fixtures that service the stand-alone, naturally-finished basin. Pebbles around the base replace the need for conventional tile. They provide a nice textured and traction-friendly surface for bare feet catch, but equally important: they channel and ultimately drain any overflow (or excess water should the wood turn leaky). Read more »



Multi-Functional Bathroom Tile Lights

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Designs that fit multiple purposes can be great ways around difficult interior design problems. These bathroom tile lights are no exception. They provide a stylish and simple way to avoid cluttering your bathroom wallscape with unecessary hardware and finding one more set of fixtures to fit your aesthetic.


They can be arrayed in patterns or put in indvidiually as stand-alone tile lights – their variability is also a great design asset. Also, spaced out they can provide more even mood lighting to an entire room.



Hydrotherapy + Color Therapy in Your Shower

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


When you are having a stressful day, a nice luxurious shower can help more than almost anything else. Add in some soothing music and you’re likely to orget you ever had stress in the first place. Bathroom specialistsRamon Soler combine water, music and color/light therapy to provide the ultimate relaxation experience at home.

The Hidrocrom line of hydrochromotherapy systems is designed to shower you in relaxing sensations and to improve your overall health and well-being. According to Ramon Soler, shining different colors of light on the skin has tremendous health benefits. Read more »



Master Bathrooms Gallery – Modern Bathrooms Design Idea Photos

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Master Bathrooms Gallery Pictures – Modern Bathrooms Design Idea Photos,  Some of the best designs have a dramatic twist, a hidden surprise that makes them worthy of note. Others are simply remarkably for their elegant simplicity, even if they are clean, perfect and idealized beyond the realm of real-life possibility – like the great (but expensive) ideas in these designer bathroom picturesRead more »