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bathroom combination of colors

By Bathroom Designer

bathroom combination of colors

A great combination of colors makes this interior design a warm and pleasant space. The alcove over the bathtub gives this bathroom a sense of refinement and the elegant marble sinks ad a final tone to the entire space.



Extraordinary Mirrors For Bathroom by F.lli Branchetti

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The Cube collection by F.lli Branchetti is one of nice examples of minimalist furniture for bathroom. The straight and clean lines make a sober and simple look, which is so popular nowadays. In spite of visual simplicity, this collection of furniture is very functional. Thanks to the push-pull opening system for doors and dampers, it’s pleasant in use. The most interesting feature of the collection is mirrors. Their shapes are various and extraordinary. Maybe they aren’t very comfortable, but they are original and could add a unusual touch to any minimalist bathroom. This furniture is available in bleached durmast oak, wengè, dark grey and lightgrey. You could get more information about The Cube on Branchetti’s site.
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Bathroom Design Ideas & 3D Color Schemes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom design, from small remodel plans to new large luxury spaces, is too often the last place for interior designers to concentrate. Like it or not we spend time daily in this room for our most basic needs – but also take a shower, get something from the cabinet and (if you are very lucky) relax in a spa area. Some of the best contemporary bathroom decor ideas start with a simple choice of color: from a toned-down green vanity accent to fully-colored floors, tiles and decor.


Black and white, the popular modernist default, can get boring fast. In this rendering, Duebi Italia cheated a bit with this 3D online design – there may be nothing but black, white and gray in the paint or on the furniture but there is a dark forest green to be found in the area rug as well as the soft light coming from the shower.

A slide tonal shift into brown families of color goes a long way toward softening a bathroom interior, as these pictures illustrate. From the tan tile to the darker-brown mirror trim, cabinetry and wall panels, these images already seem a lot closer to an comfortable ideal home. Read more »



Outside Bathroom Exterior + Interior Design Idea

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

What if you could bring the peaceful comforts of nature into the privacy of your very own bathroom? This inside out (or outside in) bathroom paradise design concept by Renato Gschwend is all about using natural materials to extensively connect an entire bathroom space in a surprising set of ways.


As the detail pictures above and below show, the entire floor is a pebbled surface that can absorb water and provide a comfortable, naturalistic walking experience – no more cleaning up after yourself or worrying about typical spatial divisions in your bathroom interior. Read more »



Bathrooms With Mirrors and Bathtubs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


In my opinion hanging mirror above a bathtub is a great solution for contemporary bathrooms. This mirror can not only become a great wall decoration but also visually enlarge the space. We all know how that is important for all these tiny bathrooms in contemporary urban living spaces. Of course there will be some problems with such arrangement and you’ll need to clean this mirror more often than other ones. Although for many of you that won’t be a problem. Just check out all these beautiful bathrooms we gathered for you…

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Cool Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Have you ever considered to trasform your attic into an out-of-the-way bathroom space? If not, then you need to see these awesome attic bathrooms designs. If yes, then you came to the right place to get some inspiration.


An attic can be the perfect space for an extra bath. Exposed beams and skylights can make this bathroom a cool and relaxing retreat. Check out all these pictures and you’ll also see that the bathroom is the great way to make great use of the top floor. Read more »



Subway Bathroom Tile: 3D Floor & Wall Mosaic

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Looking for ideas on how to tile a bathroom? No problem: start on the green line then home to the red right where the blue, yellow and purple intersect. Pictures, sketches, drawings and maps – taking these together you can start to see how this artist changed an abstract subway map into a concrete (or rather: glass and ceramic) tiling project covering three walls and the floor of this otherwise unremarkable bathroom.


Rarely do we see bathrooms that engage a design idea with such uncanny three-dimensionality. The grout becomes a grid that shapes the patterns that travel up, down and all around the room, while the pattern is carefully constructed at just the right scale to work with the dimensions of the interior space. Read more »



Bathroom Vanity Decor Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


As you know you can show your decorating talents not only when you’re decorating the main rooms of your house but when you’re decorating bathrooms too. Sometimes it’s even harder to make these small rooms looks nice. You should choose lighting, colors, and finishes very carefully. Besides you should also pay a special attention to decorating a vanity. A sink and a mirror are usually very important parts of any bathroom so decorate this part of the bathroom well. Here are some ideas to help you. Read more »



Realistic Mosaic Bathroom Tile Patterns Wall-to-Wall Art

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


While a brick black whole or scenic panorama might be more than you want to keep you company in the bathroom, there is something pleasant and refreshing about a colorful pattern of mosaic tiles to liven and open up what can be a boring and crowded interior space.

From drops of water to dropping fruit, forest scenes to beach vistas, these glass tiles from Glass Decor align to create hyper-real scenes that seem to almost breach their two-dimensional confines and pop off the wall.


They look fascinating as bathroom wall accents, but some of their more out-of-the-box applications and less realistically rendered designs make engaging statements in various home and commercial settings when not confined murals in one of the most private spaces inside a house.




Cool Compact Bathroom Design Inspirations

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


A lot of people who live in contemporary apartments or in old house have to deal with small bathrooms. Many of them can’t even imagine how to make such bathrooms better. If you one of such people you shouldn’t give up.  bathroom decor, decorating, bathroom design ideas, compact bathrooms, small bathroom, There are some simple ways to make any small bathroom cozy and practical.


A shower cabin instead of the bathtub and a thoughtful cupboard are things that you should consider first. The coolest thing is that even small area could be decorated in a variety of styles and materials. Check out compact bathroom designs below and you’ll now what I mean. Read more »