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Renovate Your Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. You want it to be comfortable and welcoming while reflecting the needs of your lifestyle and personality.

Before you start your bathroom renovation, list the reasons why you’re renovating and prioritize them. This will keep you focused, prevent unnecessary costs, and allow for a more creative approach to your renovation.

KBC KITCHEN & BATHROOM INC. has helped many clients renovate their bathrooms over the years.  While renovating these bathrooms, our clients have cited the following six main reasons for their renovations. Do these apply to you or are there other motivations for your renovation? Which ones are most important to you? KBC Renovate Your Bathroom.


1. More Space

When is bigger better? Many of KBC clients want to make their small bathrooms larger to incorporate more modern features Bathroom Vanity and fixtures. From large showers to soaking tubs, our clients often sacrifice a small area of another room to expand their bathroom.

2. Relaxing Retreat

An oasis of calm. Many homeowners want to upgrade living space to create a get-a-way, a place where they can relax after a long day of work. From aromatherapy to skylights, added touches can go a long way to creating a sense of peace.

3. Personal Style

Many home builders use low grade fixtures knowing that homeowners will change them out to suite their personal style. Renovating can change a bathroom’s style while allowing the homeowner to express their taste and create a more comfortable and reflective environment.

4. Safety

As homeowners go through life changes (getting older or having children), there’s often a need to renovate bath spaces. Older homeowners begin to re-envision tubs, sinks and floors that will make them more comfortable. Others concerned about their families health, look for ways to improve air quality and poor ventilation.after-renovate-bathroomvanity

5. Convenience

Homeowners with basements or home additions often ask us to install a bathroom to reduce the need to travel far to other parts of the home. Guest room additions often include a bathroom renovation to ensure a comfortable experience for guests.

Call KBC KITCHEN & BATHROOM  today, we can discuss your renovation & Renovate Your Bathroom wish list, your desired schedule and budget and help bring your dreams to reality.



Bathroom Kitchen Remodel

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A cramped and untidy kitchen will surely kill your enthusiasm being productive. As nice as it is to own your kitchen transformed, bathroom kitchen remodel it will get fairly expensive. A hearthy place to be. While difficult, experts estimate the national average cost for a full kitchen remodel to be somewhere in the $ 50, 000 range though in some places within the United States this amount buys a lot more than just a kitchen. You can actually visit your desire cooking area occur kitchen window designs before you as opposed to the need to wait for the draft through the skilled anyone appointed to perform the actual models in your case. A well- lit kitchen is also extremely crucial for cooking a delicious meal. Their services promise fast shipping. Receive Articles like this one bathroom kitchen remodel direct to your email box! Subscribe for free today!

If you’ re planning on transforming the majority of your kitchen, converting it so that everything is other, why may you not wish to? While you may have only seen them at play in restaurants, stainless kitchen carts can also be a great help in your own kitchen. Designing a kitchen practically is both very expensive and confusing thanks to the variety of counter tops available in the market, the style of cabinets used in modern day kitchen, colors, sink styles, accessories etc.

If you keep the kitchen messy then it would unhygienic from your side. Chimneys: A chimney used to expel smoke with the kitchen. To create a light look, use a light wood for instance ash, beech, birch, oak, maple, or chestnut. In addition to refrigerators, cabinets kitchens there is an equally interesting variety of dish washers and laundry machines. One of the best semi custom kitchen cabinets ways to minimize and counter the worst effects of gravity, and thereby reduce the strain on your body, is to use kitchen gel mats.

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Before and after bathroom makeover

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

After moving into their new home in Michigan, the new homeowners had to face the challenges. The kitchen and the bathroom definitely needed a renovation so they’ve decided to focus on those spaces. Today we’re going to take a look at the bathroom and see the way it looked like before and then the way it turned out.


The new owners moved in in February 2011 and they’ve managed to finish the kitchen and the bathroom in March. I would say they were fast, considering the makeover they’ve come up with by themselves. Actually, the bathroom was done in about a week. They had some inspiration from a blog that had a bedroom with the same color. It might seem like a well-thought plan, but as the owners declare themselves, they didn’t get to do much planning.

They wanted to maintain a quasi-historical look but also make their presence visible by adding their own touch. They took a chance with the black paint but it turned out to be an inspired choice. The hardest part was not painting or redecorating the room but taring it down and preparing it for the bathroom makeover. That’s because of its small size. Another difficult part was finding pieces that would fit in there and try to mix and match them. It wasn’t easy but the results are satisfying and the owners are happy with their new bathroom.



Another Refreshing Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Imagine yourself after a long hardworking day, tired and full of dust. It is not a beautiful scenario if you imagine all these things but it will make appreciate more a clean and refreshing space which can make transform you into a new person.

One of these places can also be another refreshing Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea.This type of bathroom, with modern and beautiful combinations of colors will assure you many moments of pleasure and comfort. Its modular lines include all the necessary equipment for a modern and practical bathroom that refers to bathroom furniture and accessories. Here you may find: cabinets and drawers with oodles of storage space, countertops with separate or integrated washbasins, mirrors and lighting.

The Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea will amaze you with the unconventional design, refined style, elegance and refreshing atmosphere. All these elements create a wonderful space where you can satisfy any desire and enjoy plenty of relaxation moments.

Another advantage of this collection is the fact that offers you the opportunity to choose the combinations of colors you want or wood varieties as it is available in fifty glossy and fifty matte colors and ten different wood varieties. It depends on your tastes and preferences which will make you decide the design that you would like to have or need.Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea



Great Ideas: Bathrooms

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Baths that are both practical and stylish.

Once a humble area for washing up, the bathroom has become a showcase for innovative design, from the choice of wall covering to the tub’s shape and material. Here are six spaces—some restful, others sumptuous—that illustrate how a utilitarian room can also serve as a striking source of inspiration.



3 Things About Small Bathroom Remodeling

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Q: What Defines a Small Bathroom?
    A: A small bathroom is defined as being 50 square feet or smaller. This would be roughly 5 feet by 10 feet; 6 feet by 8 feet; or thereabouts. A small bathroom can either be a powder room, half-bath, or guest bathroom (all terms for the same thing, meaning that it lacks bathing facilities) or a full-bath which has either a shower or bathtub or both.
  • Q: How Does a Small Bath Remodel Differ from Larger Bath Remodels?
    A: Cost. Keep in mind that we do need to compare “apples to apples,” and so the cost of remodelinga powder room cannot rightly be compared to the cost of remodeling a large full bath. However, even small and large full bath will differ greatly in price mainly due to the fact that fewer materials are being used. This is especially important because bathroom materials (as well as professional remodeling services) tend to be unusually high.
  • Q: Can I Remodel a Small Bathroom by Myself?
    A: Yes. If you are so inclined, a small bathroom is a great place for the intermediate-level DIY remodeler to cut his or her remodeling “teeth.” But don’t feel ashamed if you do call in professionals. Because of the services involved (plumbing and electrical, mainly), it’s certainly understandable if you do call in professional remodelers you can visit them at

  • Steps to Small Bathroom Remodeling

    1. Define Your Small Bath Needs and Desires
      First, decide whether this will be a powder room or a full bath. Powder rooms have little more than a toilet, sink, and minor electrical workto contend with. But when you bring in the increased plumbing requirements of a bathtub or shower, you also bring in requirements for other things such as moisture protection (do you have the appropriate type of flooring?), ventilation, sizing requirements, additional bathroom cabinetry, and so on. After that, it helps to define who will be using the bathroom. If this is a full bath that will act as a master bathroom, you may need to go “all out” in terms of cabinetry and higher-end materials. After all, you will have to look at this bathroom at least twice a day for many years. But if this bathroom is for overnight guests, you can probably skimp on the quality of materials. You will most definitely not need increased storage space for guests, either.
    2. Plan Your Small Bathroom
      One misconception we often hear about small bathrooms: “Well, if they’re so small, I can probably map the whole thing out in my head, right?” Wrong. Small bathrooms do need extensive planning. One reason is because stock bathroom cabinets come in pre-determined sizes. You’ll probably need to work around stock cabinet sizes (or order custom cabinets). Obtain home design software that will allow you to plan your bathroom in detail.
    3. Decide Whether to Hire a Pro or DIY
      A small bathroom renovation, performed by a remodeling contractor and using contractor-quality materials, might cost you as little as $15,000. Doing the same remodel DIY might cost the cost by 50%. One option is to do as much as possible by yourself: demolition; basic drywall installation; flooring; and painting. Then, leave the rest to the pros. You’ll need to talk with the bath remodeling contractor to coordinate with him.
    4. Strip Down to the Basics
      Strip down? We mean the bathroom, not you! The degree of bathroom demolition you do depends on the scale of your project, of course; but you can expect to strip down a small bathroom in three days, probably even less. Make sure you have other bathroom facilities available, because this one will be completely disabled. Rent a roll-off dumpster for your driveway or have a hauling company take it all away. If your bathroom pre-dates 1978, be careful for lead-based paint dangers.
    5. Install Plumbing and Electrical
      Electrical and plumbing go in first (remember, the walls are open). Rough-in the plumbing for toilet, shower, and bathtub. Have the electrician bring in the wiring, too. You will need to have two inspections done: first, at the rough-in stage; second, after the walls have been closed up.
    6. Install Flooring, Cabinets, Etc.
      If you are partially DIY’ing this job, you might decide to step in at this point and take over. With plumbing and electrical fully installed, you can lay down flooring, hang cabinets, paint the walls, and install towel bars, mirrors, and that finishing touch—the toilet roll holder!



6 Bathroom Interior Decorating and Remodeling Idea

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Today we are like to share with you new idea about bathroom interior decorating and remodeling inspiration. We collect some beautiful bathroom pictures from several sources come from all website in the internet which has modern and contemporary design.

This is a Presidential Suite – Master Bathroom Design from Jacuzzi with Beautiful Harbour View which is one of the world’s best bathroom interior design. (source: inter continental hongkong)

Actually, there is not an easy thing to find best bathroom decorating ideas for your house. There are many elements that must be considered such as space, furniture, interior style, etc. From the wonderful tiles to the most useful storage space, the whole thing perfect bathroom decor requirements able to be found on the furniture market. It is up to you (as the home owners) to decide from dissimilar manufacturers and ideas the most excellent bathroom layout and design architectures.  But you have to take into concern the bathroom’s surface, light experience and requirements.

There are so various bathroom decorating ideas which it looks rather tricky to discover the great mixture between styles, textures and colors. While you have completed renovating, you would like your bathroom to appear and feel relaxing, clutter-free and comfortable with luxury style.

Many people know that bathroom decorating starts by selecting efficient storage space solutions which will finally assist your bathroom seem less crowded and will provide you a lot of options for bathroom interior. Shrewdly use every part of space available to make storage facilities and maintain a clean minimalist bathroom design. Use the room behind the door to hang clothes, towels otherwise laundry bags and the one above the toilet to store towels or toiletry items.

The last thing that I suggest to you is about accessorize your bathroom decorating themes with resistant glass shelves, brassware or plastic, depending on your way. Select vivid colors for a refreshing look otherwise soft hue for those calming bubble bath moments. And never forget to enjoy all step of the way. If you have any idea, please share with us!

A bathroom interior design that come from two story house architecture design addition to an existing home utilizing passive and active green technology, including: grey water recycling, solar energy, passive thermal, day lighting, interior pocket courtyard with bamboo garden, drought tolerant landscaping



Bathroom Remodels

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Before you embark on the remodeling of your bathroom, learning new things would definitely come in handy. You should be patient and willing to engage in dirty work. The advantage of doing a DIY bathroom remodel is the cost effectiveness, and the ability to transform your bathroom into a truly unique piece.

What is DIY remodeling?

It is very important to ask yourself whether you should perform a DIY remodel or not. Definitely the savings on cost and the satisfaction from the exercise will encourage you to proceed. However you should know that the exercise will need skills in project management, color selection demolition and repair for various fittings such as hooks and towel rails. You should also know that DIY does not extend to plumbing and electrical jobs unless you are a professional in these fields. Trying to handle these two as well can have adverse effects on your home insurance cover and on your health.

Planning for the remodel

The first step is to establish the level of remodeling your bathroom needs. Its may be just a simple redesign or a complete makeover. Other factors that will feature in your plan include the number of people that will be using the bathroom and any special requirements from other family members. Your DIY bathroom remodeling should result in a spacious bathroom if it’s planned well. These days planning is made easier by the availability of software application programs. With a proper layout and water proofing system your remodel can include changes in the color scheme retiling and replacing cabinets.

Major plumbing and electrical jobs are prohibited by the law for DIY bathroom remodels. Your plan will also touch on how long the remodel will take. Normal DIY remodels in San Diego take between a week and one month depending on the availability of time and the amount of work required to complete the remodel. You plan will also touch on the legal issues associated with bathroom remodels. You need to check with local authorities to find out if a permit is required to perform the remodel. This usually applies for those cases where you are reconstructing the bathroom from scratch.

Costs of DIY bathroom remodeling in San Diego

There is no fixed cost for performing DIY bathroom remodeling since the costs vary depending on the amount of work in San Diego. To get a rough idea of how much it will cost you can get the estimates from professional renovators. This will give you a cap of what the cost should not exceed. You should also visit the home improvement stores in your area to get a price quote for all the items you will be using during the remodel. By subtracting these costs from the quote of the professional, you will have a clear picture whether to invite one or to go ahead with your DIY project.

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Bathroom Villeroy & Boch: Premium Collection My Nature

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

It’s called Premium, and My Nature is a new collection of health and Bathroom furniture signed by the famous company Villeroy & Boch. We are talking about a complete line of components for the bathroom mimal with a design with clean lines and soft for those who love the taste slightly modern country. That’s right, the bathroom line Premium My Nature, Villeroy & Boch has reinterpreted the country style through the use of chestnut wood trim and decorations inspired by nature.

By Villeroy & Boch My Premium arrives Nature, A complete collection of bathroom fixtures, tubs and bathroom furniture to furnish the ideal ‘bathroom in an original and functional.

It is a range of products to the purity of Ceramic White combines an innovative inserts wood chestnut and patterns inspired by nature. The result is line but a modern bathroom flavor country!

Villeroy & Boch also wished to pay close attention to the environment by creating a bathroom collection truly eco: The surface of the elements is in ceramicplus, a material repellent to dirt and lime to facilitate cleaning of surfaces and limit the use of detergents, while the wc  Acquareduct  features innovative system that allows you to save a considerable amount of water. Finally, for illuminating the bathroom furniture has been chosen the use of technology to save energy LED.




Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The toilet is the one room in your house which you can guarantee everyone gets to visit sooner or later. It isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity, everybody has to go. It’s the one room in your home that your guests will ask directions to.

It makes a lot of sense then, when you’re bettering your property, to contemplate the bathroom as a very important target on your list as it could potentially make a very massive difference.

To my surprise evidently many people don’t put the bathroom at the top of their list when planning house improvements. This could be because they think a bathroom improvement is too big a job or their bathroom is simply too small to do something with. This is not always the case.

Keep in mind that enhancing a small bathroom doesn’t need to be about its actual size but rather about it’s apparent size and the way you give the illusion of space to your visitors. Selecting mild colors, adding lighting around the edges of the bathroom and carefully putting a mirror or 2 are all cheap and comparatively simple things you are able to do that can make plenty of difference in a small bathroom.

Reasons for Remodeling your Bathroom

The principle reasons that most individuals undertake a bathroom remodel fall mostly into the categories below:

    Improving your living standards
    Improving the worth of your property
    Energy efficiency

Lets take each of these and see how they apply to your small bathroom. Read more »