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Bathroom Design for Beautifying Your Relaxation Place

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Abella Laporte, Thursday, March 6th 2014. Bathroom, Bathroom Design for Beautifying Your Relaxation Place

Bathroom design is very important and should be done carefully because it serves a place for relaxation to your body. Therefore, it needs to have somewhat relaxing, soothing, and calming atmospheres to better make the relaxation takes place. Rejuvenate yourself with this Villeroy & Boch’s Memento Collection focusing on details in your bathroom. Choose sleek as main design and thus you can fill up the place with modern and contemporary furniture with unique details and also patterns.

Bathroom Design Defined

When you are making bathroom design plans, do not exaggerate it too much but just remember to use and give more attention into details, instead of using many décor. The theme Memento means to use surface–mounted washbasins, wood counter, floating cabinets, mirror, and shining light bulbs. All of these items comprise the sink area. The white porcelain and elegant pattern of washbasin is the focal point of this bathroom design. To accentuate the sleek style, you need to use metallic silver faucets.

Details of Bathroom Design

Sleek bathroom design will mean to use white colors in any furnishings and décor. Or, other option is to choose neutral colors but with gleaming effect. Take a look at the details in walls, floor, and ceiling this bathroom design has. Even though white tiles are used, but good–looking patterned rug is chosen to roll out above it. Walls are also made of tiles but they are different in colors according to the area, whereas ceiling is neutral also but with shiny lights. Read more »



Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

One room that a lot of time is spent in is the bathroom; hours are spent in there pampering, cleaning, and relaxing, so when renovating your bathroom design ideas, take a lot of care and attention should be put into it to make it beautiful and inviting. It is easy to create a modern bathroom by simply adding updated fixtures and making it look more spacious and neat. A great way to give the room a modern feel is to use wall mounted bathroom cabinets allowing a decorative style and look while also ensuring a great way to store all bath items. Another option would be to use attractive vanity furniture sets that have a sleek feel but are very functional. You can add to the cabinets or vanity, stylish metal fixtures that will accentuate the vanity and keep with the simple monochromatic design using sleek metals.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas

When choosing cabinets or mirrors for modern and contemporary bathroom design styles it is important to make sure that the shapes of the counter tops, mirror, windows, and any other large piece in the bathroom match each other and have simple and clean lines. Ovals or straight lines often allow for a clean bold look to the room, with ovals adding a more subtle harmonious look. You want to be sure that which ever shape you choose, the lines match; for instance if you choose a rectangular countertop you will want to have a square or rectangular sink as well as mirror, and shower or bathtub. These matching lines will be more aesthetically pleasing and keep with the modern feel. Another important aspect of a modern bathroom is the light fixtures that are used; you want to ensure that the small bathroom area is well lit so that it can be very functional.



Bathroom Corner Cabinet storage solution

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The Bathroom Corner Cabinet storage solution from HiB makes ideal use of difficult areas in a compact room like the modern cloakroom.

The gloss white cabinet has duel curved doors mounted on soft close hinges and acts as the pedestal for the Wave basin and centrally mounted Minima tap (optional).

Corner Cabinet saves space, whilst serving an essential storage and washroom function.



All-in-One Modular Transforming Bathroom Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


One thing no apartment – not even the smallest studio – can do without is a bathroom, right? Well, one designer has proposed the Oneself bathroom concept, a simple and elegant solution that could change that necessity – at least in places where space is at such a premium that every square foot counts. Designed on a regular grid system with seems that disappear into the pattern, each part of this modular bathroom concept is integrated seamlessly into a single side wall.


A sink, shower and toilet all pull out from the wall space and other modules are then usable for storage, plumbing and electrical needs. All in all it isn’t that far of a reach – pull-out sinks already exist so this simply extends an existing set of interior design ideas and integrates them into a unified bathroom design concept. Moreover, one could easily imagine this kind of approach working as a retrofit – you would simply need to create an additional wall at the expense of a foot or two of area – likely more than made up for by the space saved by ridding oneself of a traditional bathroom.



Beautiful Luxury Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


If you like luxury designs and don’t share love to minimalism then Collezione 1941 is right for you. If you dream to create a bathroom similar to royal one of 19th century and surround yourself by beauty and splendor then you surely appreciate this collection by Italian company Savio Firmino.


The company doesn’t follow fashionable modern trends, but it creates a really unique and wonderful furniture. Collection 1941 is furniture set made in neoclassic style. Every its element amazes by its refinement and elegance. Almost all of them are decorated by jewels and gold or silver leafs. Sophisticated hand-engravings make this bathroom set even more marvelous. Read more »



Bright Glass Bathroom Furniture With Floral Motif

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


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If you prefer bathroom furniture made of glass then you definitely should check out products by Cogliaty-Cogliaty. This company has 40 years experience in working glass and offers several excellent collections to furnish modern bathroom. One of their collections consist of so bright products with simple shapes that it could find its place in any home. Besides this collection is interesting by various and refined glass washbasins. Read more »



Colorful Kids Bathroom Furniture by Laufen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Colorful Kids Bathroom Furniture by Laufen , Kids love everything colorful and bright because it’s funny. So in a colorful bathroom it would be easier to make them follow the rules of the hygiene.


Laufen presents collection called Florakids – a focal point for any kid. All the parts remind of something – flowers, food, fruit, dogs, caterpillar, clouds. The narrow toilet seat even has a back rest and side hand grips to enhance comfort and avoid the fear of falling in. Read more »



Stealth Bathroom with Wood Shelves

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Sure, a bathroom is a sometimes-unsightly necessity for any home – but its interior can at least be made modestly more minimalist by hiding the essential fixtures when not in use, and more modern and comfortable through the use of linear and repetitive wooden design objects.


Clean and contemporary, a series of fold-up solid-wood shelves hide a concealed sink and disguise the toilet. Even when opened and in operation, the entire aesthetic – designed from start to smooth finish by Rapsel – is a convincingly pleasant balance of coziness, usefulness and cleanliness. Read more »



Bamboo Bathroom Furniture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Get organized with the contemporary styling of our Bamboo Space Saver and Hamper (each sold separately). Assembly required.

Bamboo Bathroom Hamper. Bring a touch of the exotic into your bathroom or bedroom with an elegant bamboo hamper, entirely crafted from one of the world’s strongest and most renewable wood fibers. 19 3/4″ w x 23 3/4″ h x 11 3/4″ d.

Bamboo Bathroom Space Saver. Space Saver has an adjustable shelf inside cabinet. 25 3/4″ w x 56 1/2″ h x 9 1/2″ d.




Pine Bathroom Furniture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Organize your bathroom the elegant way with our Hearts of Pine Bathroom Space Saver, Storage Tower, Towel Stacker, Tissue Holder and Tank Topper. (each sold separately) Solid pine frames, accented by graceful heart cutouts. Assembly required.

Pine Space Saver

Pine Space Saver Bathroom Furniture: Fits over standard toilet. Cabinet with shelf is perfect for storing linens or toiletries. 23 1/2″ w x 71 1/2″ h x 9″ d.

Pine Storage Tower

Pine Storage Tower Bathroom Furniture: Has 4 storage/display shelves and a shelf in the cupboard below. 16″ w x 60 1/2″ h x 8 1/2″ d.

Pine Towel Stacker

Pine Towel Stacker Bathroom Furniture: Turn folded towels into an attractive display. 18″ w x 31″ h x 11″ d.

Pine Bathroom Tissue Holder

Pine Tissue Holder Bathroom Furniture: A lift-off top keeps up to 4 rolls out of sight, yet close to hand. 7 1/4″ sq. x 25″ h.

Pine Tank Topper

Pine Tank Topper Bathroom Furniture: A raised edge prevents items from slipping off. 23″ w x 4″ h x 8″ d.