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Bathroom Design for Beautifying Your Relaxation Place

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Abella Laporte, Thursday, March 6th 2014. Bathroom, Bathroom Design for Beautifying Your Relaxation Place

Bathroom design is very important and should be done carefully because it serves a place for relaxation to your body. Therefore, it needs to have somewhat relaxing, soothing, and calming atmospheres to better make the relaxation takes place. Rejuvenate yourself with this Villeroy & Boch’s Memento Collection focusing on details in your bathroom. Choose sleek as main design and thus you can fill up the place with modern and contemporary furniture with unique details and also patterns.

Bathroom Design Defined

When you are making bathroom design plans, do not exaggerate it too much but just remember to use and give more attention into details, instead of using many décor. The theme Memento means to use surface–mounted washbasins, wood counter, floating cabinets, mirror, and shining light bulbs. All of these items comprise the sink area. The white porcelain and elegant pattern of washbasin is the focal point of this bathroom design. To accentuate the sleek style, you need to use metallic silver faucets.

Details of Bathroom Design

Sleek bathroom design will mean to use white colors in any furnishings and décor. Or, other option is to choose neutral colors but with gleaming effect. Take a look at the details in walls, floor, and ceiling this bathroom design has. Even though white tiles are used, but good–looking patterned rug is chosen to roll out above it. Walls are also made of tiles but they are different in colors according to the area, whereas ceiling is neutral also but with shiny lights. Read more »



Select a Faucet

By Bathroom Designer

Select a Faucet

When choosing a faucet, it’s important to keep in mind how people with limited mobility will use it. A single-lever design can be turned off and on with an open palm or a closed fist, which makes it the perfect addition to a universally designed bathroom.




Victorian Bathroom Sinks & Faucets

By Bathroom Designer

Elegant bathroom

Victorian sinks should have an organic shape, so try to avoid square or rectangular items. Make sure that the legs of the sink also have an organic shape rather than square peg-legs.

Choose a faucet with a long and elaborate organic shape, or choose a faucet that is subtle and unobtrusive. You’ll have so much elaborate décor that you can probably get by with a more basic faucet.




Do-It-Yourself Modular Modern Design Bathroom Faucet

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There is a lot of room for home projects between the extremes of custom contemporary design and do-it-yourself construction. This is a great example of an elegant bathroom fixture that combines elegant aesthetics but with which you can create your own customized configurations by slotting together any number of fitted metal tubes.


Within this system from Neve, the modules can be assembled to create simple curved free-standing faucets or combined to make minimalist-yet-multifunctional designs that incorporate towel racks running along the walls. While the results are modern the approaches to creating them are essentially endless, making this an engaging mix of make-your-own and high-end custom bathroom fixture design.

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Combined Glass Bathroom Faucet & Flower Vase Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Everyone knows how easy it is to forget to water your flowers but this design is even better than a reminder – the simple process of washing your hands automatically refreshes the water in this vase by HEGO.

Even without the flower the design is quite compelling, including simple, clear resin handles and a likewise transparent basin leading up to a channel that culminates in an elegant waterfall. Read more »



3 Spectacularly Unique Bathroom Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Maybe long ago, when bathrooms were little more than tiny wooden huts in the yard, they could get by as purely functional spaces. But the modern home calls for bathrooms that are relaxing and comforting as well as functional. Using a smooth mineral composite material called Minacor, German manufacturer HANSA International makes some of the most distinctive basin/faucet pairs in the world.

The HANSALATRAVA starts off with a faucet that presents water proudly to the world rather than simply streaming it straight into a basin. The flat faucet looks more like a sculpture than a bathroom fixture as it allows water to cascade down into the elegant basin. A basin which features no central indentation, but rather guides water down on a gentle slope. Both parts of this pair introduce shapes and design elements never before utilized in bathroom fittings.

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New Bathroom Faucets With Swarovsky Crysyal

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom faucets by Giulini Giovanny always stand out not only by functionality and high quality but also by excellent and aesthetical designs. This year it has presented a new collection – Crystal, which is created for those people who are keen on brilliant and luxury things. All faucets in this collection are decorated by Swarovsky Crystal and moreover almost all of them have valves made of big crystal.


The light and the water reflect in such valves and demonstrate an amazing and attractive spectacle of colors game. Such bathroom faucets could become the most beautiful and splendid functional decoration of any bathroom. Read more »



Luxurious Modern Shower Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The shower is one place we can always go to relax and get away from everything troubling us in the world at large – a small and sometimes unappreciated hideaway in the home where no one bothers you and the noise of everday life is drowned out in a torrent of warm water.


Why not, given its role in our lives, invest a bit more into the design of our shower – make it a real retreat with the home if we can afford it? While these ultra-luxurious fixtures from Dornbracht are not cheap they seem worth it for those who value their time spent in the shower.


On the somewhat cheaper side of things (though nontheless expensive), they also offer a variety of stylish bathtub faucets and handles that can add a touch of modernism to go with a more simple and elegant bathroom interior design.



Stylish Modern Round Sink With No Drain

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the apartment of a modern person. The details should correspond the modern way of life – they should be stylish, cool and functional. The Bowl sink by Giquardo is a sink with no drain; it’s ultra-modern and organic – the sink is carved of black granite, white composite quartz or Belgian blue stone. Beautiful round shapes and clean look without a drain – it’s functionality with aesthetics. The sink is available in 8 different sizes in single and double bowl designs with deck- and wall-mounted hardware.

Choose your own sink and make your bathroom elegant and stylish.bath sinks, bathroom sink, bathroom sinks, designer sink, original sink, sink, sinks, wall mount sinks, white bathroom sink



New Ceiling-Mounted Bathroom Faucet

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

New Ceiling-Mounted Bathroom Faucet – Bilò by Singnorini

The Revolutionary Firm Signorini Provides a Amazing Choice of all Types of Modern Bathing room faucets. Its Selections are the Outcome of a synthesis of Style, luxury, elegance, tecnologie and Fantastic Italian Superior. There are a Great deal of unusual and Incredibly Wonderful Designs, which could Assist your to Produce your Private and Unique Design in your Bathing room. Its new Bathing room mixer, which is a Component of Bilò Selection, Provides Alone as a Incredibly Authentic and Fascinating Alternative for any Bathing room Style. Signorini’s Styleers have Made the decision to Alter a habitual faucet’s Area and have Created ceiling mounted Solo lever mixer.

This Style Appears Incredibly Natural and organic and Contemporary. Of Training course, it won’t Suit to any Kind of Cleanbasins, but with Different Bathing room vessels or with some pedestal Clean basins it could organize an awesome Established. You could Discover Extra Details about this ceiling mounting faucet on Signorini Website.Bathing room faucets, Bathing room taps, ceiling-mounted faucet, ceiling-mounted mixers, ceiling-mounted taps, Modern Bathing room faucets, Contemporary Bathing room faucets, Contemporary taps, Solo lever Bathing room faucet, Singnorini