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Bathroom Paint Decoration

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Paint and Decoration

The easiest way to alter the look of a bathroom is with the addition of paint.

It can provide a wonderful facelift for a room at little expense. You can use decorative paint finishes or a traditional paint finish.

Generally most people’s bathrooms are small, therefore the colors that are selected  are most frequently very light and airy, often soft pastels or natural neutrals, this allows the space to seem large as the light reflects making the room brighter.

If dark colors are used it encloses the space as much of the light is absorbed.

White is probably the most common color used, but it does provide a great base for adding accents, be it accessories like towels, soaps or tiled or wallpaper borders and stencilled friezes.

To follow are links to more detailed information about paint and how it is made up, uses and applications.

Soft subtle cool colors work well here to create a light and airy bathroom space.

Paint Bathroom

What is paint? It is a fine coating which is applied to a surface in liquid form which then dries to provide a flexible solid form protective surface from weathering, dirt and dust, water and sunlight. It provides an easily cleanable surface and it is a fabulous way to provide aesthetics to a room through color. It comes in many forms and each offers different functions.

Pure Oil and Oil Based Paints and Varnishes

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How Bathroom Plumbing Works

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Ever wondered how the water gets in and out of your bathroom?
Then find out here. Links to detailed explanations and definitions of plumbing terms and systems. You too can learn to understand the plumbing in your bathroom.

Guide to planning bathroom plumbing, understand how the plumbing and drainage system works in the home.
Learn how the water gets in and out of the house.
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Some Plumbing and Drainage Definitions

Plumbing and Drainage – these are the systems of moving water into the house, then taking it away along with other fluids and fluid wastes after it has been used.

Plumbing – this system covers a wide range of areas. A plumber provides sanitary plumbing which includes hot and cold water reticulation, flush systems, gas supply, fire prevention systems, roof flashings, down pipes, and the internal installation of sanitary fixtures like WCs, basins, faucets etc.

Drainage – This is a separate system which is defined as the outdoor water and fluid removal. This includes the underground systems such as sewer pipelines, storm water systems and the subsoil drainage systems.

Plumbing and Drainage Definitions Learn about the plumbing and drainage system.

Water In how water gets into our house.

Water Out how it is removed.

Fixtures definitions and terms related to plumbing fixtures.

Water Pressure how water pressure works.

Types of Pipe Work – Sanitary Plumbing the materials used for sanitary plumbing.

Types of Pipe Work – Sanitary Drainage the materials used for sanitary drainage.

It looks luxurious, and somewhere under there are plumbing and drainage fitting and fixtures, discretely hidden.