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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

By Bathroom Designer

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Tip #1: Have a Definite Plan

With some home remodeling projects, you can make decisions as you go along. A bathroom remodel does not provide you with that same luxury. You should always have a definitive plan written down before starting and should try to stick with it as much as possible. Your plan should cover the following:

  • An estimated time-frame for the project
  • If you want to put in new appliances, have models picked out and written down
  • A final layout for the finished bathroom
  • A definite understanding of how many contractors you’re going to need to hire

Tip #2: Do things Right the First Time

You should never attempt bathroom remodeling work yourself unless you are 100% positive that you can do it properly. This means that you should never try bathroom remodeling work that you have never done yourself or have no training in because any mistake you make during a bathroom remodel could potentially send the total price of the project soaring. Most people hire contractors to handle the following:

  • Specialty grout and tile work for walls, floors, or shower surrounds
  • Anything related to plumbing
  • Installing any electronic fixtures or new electrical outlets
  • Laying new baseboards or reconstructing walls
  • Any miscellaneous demolition work that is required

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bathrooms designs for the ages

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A bathroom should be a sanctuary, an escape from your hectic daily life. There is no difference when it comes to universal bathroom design. A universal bathroom is designed with style while accommodating the needs of everyone.

When renovating your bathroom considering the family dynamics will assist in creating a space that is user friendly for all of the household participants. Adding a bath tub that is accommodating for an elderly parent can be useful in the future.

Keeping the future in mind when renovating your bathroom can be quite cost effective. Incorporating sinks with single handle faucets as well as cabinetry that will accommodate the possible need for a wheelchair is something to consider for your new bathroom design. You can accomplish the stylish bathroom you desire by using materials that will make your room design unique.




Future Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Future Bathroom Design

Every since I was a little boy I have been a fan of future design concepts, I am just as fascinated by designers future interpretations of every day utilitarian spaces as I am the glamor end of forward looking concept design.

Check out some of these future bathroom design ideas.

The Kohler Performance Shower

The Kohler’s DT VII performance shower has a digital menu which allows you to set up a personalised shower “experience”. Featuring six shower heads and two shower wands with design lets you experiment a lot. It also has a high quality mp3 player and you can control the light settings inside according to your mood.

Future Bathroom Concept by Jang Woo-seok

Few people would be brave enough to argue that water will not become more valued in the future. The designer of this future bathroom concept keeps this is mind while designing his concept bathroom which reuses the water drained from the sink for flushing the toilet.

Bathroom Designs of the Future

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Modern and Elegant Gold Bathroom Furniture by Eban

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Gold is always a sign of luxury that can add opulence and brilliance to any space. Any gold finish could enrich any furniture and isn’t always an attribute of classic or old style. For example the furniture set from Mignon collection by Italian company Eban could perfectly fit for a quite modern bathroom design. It presents itself as an elegant combination of a luxury finish and simple shapes. The gold color of the cabinet looks even more stylish and beautiful supplemented with a refine black washbasin and a black faucet. The furniture is made of solid wood and equipped by high quality mechanisms, which make any use of them a pleasure process. You could get more information about this gold bathroom furniture on Eban site.

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Bathroom Curtains Blinds Shower Curtain

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Curtains, Blinds and Shower Curtains

Bathroom privacy is often an issue in urban areas, requiring the selection of blinds or curtains to cover bathroom windows.

Sometimes the use of translucent glazing is an option but then you lose a lot of natural light.

Using blinds or curtains means that you have choices, you can have them up or drawn, for general bathroom use or when you need privacy – they can be lowered or closed.

Shower curtains are another area covered in this section of the web site. They are useful for privacy as well as keeping you warmer in the shower and reducing the water leaving the shower area. Shower curtains are an ideal way to makeover a bathroom and a very popular bathroom accessory.

Shower Curtain Style

See how easy it is to change your bathroom look with a luxurious shower curtain.

Bathroom Blinds
Bathroom Formal Curtains
Bathroom Window Glazing

Curtains and blinds used together, the blinds for privacy and the curtains for decoration.



How Bathroom Plumbing Works

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Ever wondered how the water gets in and out of your bathroom?
Then find out here. Links to detailed explanations and definitions of plumbing terms and systems. You too can learn to understand the plumbing in your bathroom.

Guide to planning bathroom plumbing, understand how the plumbing and drainage system works in the home.
Learn how the water gets in and out of the house.
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Some Plumbing and Drainage Definitions

Plumbing and Drainage – these are the systems of moving water into the house, then taking it away along with other fluids and fluid wastes after it has been used.

Plumbing – this system covers a wide range of areas. A plumber provides sanitary plumbing which includes hot and cold water reticulation, flush systems, gas supply, fire prevention systems, roof flashings, down pipes, and the internal installation of sanitary fixtures like WCs, basins, faucets etc.

Drainage – This is a separate system which is defined as the outdoor water and fluid removal. This includes the underground systems such as sewer pipelines, storm water systems and the subsoil drainage systems.

Plumbing and Drainage Definitions Learn about the plumbing and drainage system.

Water In how water gets into our house.

Water Out how it is removed.

Fixtures definitions and terms related to plumbing fixtures.

Water Pressure how water pressure works.

Types of Pipe Work – Sanitary Plumbing the materials used for sanitary plumbing.

Types of Pipe Work – Sanitary Drainage the materials used for sanitary drainage.

It looks luxurious, and somewhere under there are plumbing and drainage fitting and fixtures, discretely hidden.



Bathroom Fixtures

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Even though the bathroom is a small space in the home, it needs to house a great deal of fittings and fixtures. Make yourself familiar with all the different types of bathroom fixtures required for a successful bathroom.
They usually consist of a wc or toilet, a wash hand basin or vanity unit, a bath tub, and a shower. There are so many variables on each and every fixture, some companies design complete ranges of product that combine together to create an excellent designer bathroom look and makes choosing fixtures easy, but depending on the type of space you have and the water pressure system, whether you are renovating or starting from new, these ranges or collections sometimes won’t fit or suit the existing space and systems that you have. You still need to learn all about the fixtures to ensure you make the correct design decisions for your bathroom.

Types of Faucets   Urinals and Bidets   Shower Head   Bath Spout   Extract Fan Heat Lamps   Towel Rails   Toilet Roll Holders   Soap Dispensers   Bathroom Vanity

WC or Toilet Pans  The pan is the main structure of the toilet, it holds the water, creates the space for the seat and attaches to the cistern to enable the water to flush through it. There are three different types of the wash down pan. They have the S, P and skew types of trap.

WC or Toilet Seats This is an important feature in a bathroom as it provides comfort for the user. It sits on the toilet pan and usually has a lid.

WC or Toilet Cisterns The cistern is where the water is stored for the flush of the WC or toilet.

Basins and Materials There are numerous types of basins, which are used to wash hands in and they are made in a number of different materials. Sometimes the basin will be fixed into a joinery unit that may have drawers and or cupboards, this is called a vanity unit. A basin may be fixed into a joinery unit; hung on the wall or be self-set on a pedestal. They are constructed of various materials, the most common is porcelain. It is important when selecting the basin type to think about the taps or faucets that you are going to use, as this will dictate what type of basin you can install.

Baths and Bath Tubs The bath or bath tub is a necessity if you have young children as well as being a luxury item for adults. We think it is a simple item by when you go to buy one, you will be inundated with questions about what type you want. Find out some more information on baths and bath tubs.

Showers Showers can be a ready made kit or can be built to your needs and specifications. They can be designed for one or more people and numerous finishes are available to use.

Loads of room for the kids in this bathroom.

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Bathroom Ideas – Planning and Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This web site is dedicated to providing free interior design bathroom ideas and education.

Find out about bathroom design and decoration, the different design styles of bathrooms and some interior designer critiques on designer bathrooms, this always gets you thinking and helps improve your interior design skills.

Bathrooms are no longer the small washroom squeezed into a back corner of the house on the cold side of the home, where you can pivot on one foot and reach everything.

Bed bath and beyond. with this Luxury Grecian Themed Bathroom.

The modern bathroom has evolved into a place of design serenity. A place to linger and enjoy the surroundings, a bathroom now accommodates our every need and pampers us with pulsating shower heads and jets, heated towel rails for snuggly warm dry towels, under floor heating, demister mirrors and probably soon espresso machines. No seriously, they are now a place of indulgence.

In todays’ busy world we need time to recharge and what better way to do this than soaking in a hot bubble bath, or having a steaming hot shower to clear your head.

This web site  is here to educate the beginner interior designer, home renovator, diy bathroom designer, or anyone who wants knowledge and ideas on how to create a well designed bathroom or ensuite.

Lets face it, there are a lot of do’s and dont’s for bathroom and ensuite design and it important to get as much knowledge possible to design the most ergonomic and user friendly bathroom possible. I know as a designer that I have made a mistake in our bathroom design. We have a pedestal basin, and it is very high, my children can’t wash their hands in it and I either have to have a stool in front of it which is great for them, but a hazard for the taller of us.  No stool equals mum lifting them to wash their hands……very tedious.

Your First Bathroom Design Tip

Think about who will use the bathroom space and accommodate the heights of the fittings and fixtures. This is not only for children, but the elderly or disabled who require a lower basin, easy access to the shower, hand rails. Lots to think about.

This web site is evolving so look out for more exciting bathroom ideas and articles to come, don’t forget to sign up for our free interior design tips and a free interior decorating ecourse, it is well worth the 2 minutes to fill out the forms. Thousands have done it and recommend it, join them to embark on your interior decorating journey., the website to find all your bathroom design ideas, book mark us now. Go and get design ideas when you look at bathroom photos, learn about bathroom fittings, delve into bathroom design, understand plumbing and drainage and if you are searching for something specific, try the site map.



How to choose the right bathtub?

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathtubs are being used by humans since eternal years. Romans had already started using bathtubs since the year 500 B.C. To be very frank, a bathtub occupies a vital part in our daily lives. It helps you to prepare yourself for the day ahead and is also known to revitalize the spirit and rejuvenate the energy after a stressful day at work.

It is unquestionable that bathtubs are the best additions to all bathrooms.  Today, bathtubs are available in an array of varying designs, forms and styles. As a result, the task of choosing a bathtub is as confusing as selecting a candy from a candy store.


Below is a list of certain tips to assist you in selecting the right bathtub for you –

1) Set your budget – bathtubs are available in a wide variety of functions, sizes, colors and styles. Setting a budget before you start looking for the right bathtub will limit your choosing and prevent you from overspending.

2) Measure the available space in your bathroom – By measuring the available space in your bathroom, you will be able to ascertain the right size of the bathtub for your bathroom. Most of the people assume that bathtubs are meant for large spaces only. However, this is not true. Bath tubs are available for small spaces also. Assure that you have the dimensions of the available space noted in a piece of paper so that you can check whether a bathtub fits well in the measurement or not.


3) Select the right features – the essential purpose of a bathtub is for bathing but the modern bath tubs are available with an array of features. However, an extra feature simply implies more cost. You may be carried away by seeing the extra features, but you need to question yourself whether the features are useful to you or not. If they are useful and there are no sorts of space and budget constraints, then definitely, it would be worth an investment.


4) Choose the right material – most of the bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass. However, many of them are also manufactured out of cast iron, steel and water proof mood. Select a material according to your taste and ambience of the bathroom.

5) Select a bathtub which is easy to maintain – Varied materials are known to repel soap scum and dirt to different levels. It is always better to select one, which requires minimum maintenance.



Urban Beat Bathroom Shower Curtain

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Tastes are very different and so are people. Some people prefer their home design to be futuristic or minimalist and modern bathroom or even classic and welcoming. And once you choose one of these styles, you must also be careful to match the smaller items, too. The shower curtain for example is pretty important for the general design of the bathroom, so if your bathroom is cool and modern maybe you would like this great Urban Beat Bathroom Shower Curtain.

This shower curtain has a striking and modern design and can be used in any kind of bathroom. The geometrical patterns and the contrast between red and white and black make it the centerpiece for your bathroom. You can say anything you want, but I bet the shower curtain will not go unnoticed. Any way, it is nice-looking and very useful, too, as it long and wide enough to cover the whole bath tub and it is made of polyester, which makes it perfect to use in the dampness of the bathroom. It is very easy to clean.