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Polymorphic Materials Bathtub Concept

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The possibilities of polymorphic materials are endless – and these technologies are not as far away as they once were.

Consider this application – a simple tub transforms to suit all kinds of needs, all within a single footprint of space. No more separate hot tub or jacuzzi required.


Designed by Russian Yaroslav Rassadin for the Roca Jump the Gap Competition, it might be a while before you can buy it, but it will sure be nice to soak in once you can. Read more »



All-in-One Modular Transforming Bathroom Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


One thing no apartment – not even the smallest studio – can do without is a bathroom, right? Well, one designer has proposed the Oneself bathroom concept, a simple and elegant solution that could change that necessity – at least in places where space is at such a premium that every square foot counts. Designed on a regular grid system with seems that disappear into the pattern, each part of this modular bathroom concept is integrated seamlessly into a single side wall.


A sink, shower and toilet all pull out from the wall space and other modules are then usable for storage, plumbing and electrical needs. All in all it isn’t that far of a reach – pull-out sinks already exist so this simply extends an existing set of interior design ideas and integrates them into a unified bathroom design concept. Moreover, one could easily imagine this kind of approach working as a retrofit – you would simply need to create an additional wall at the expense of a foot or two of area – likely more than made up for by the space saved by ridding oneself of a traditional bathroom.



Practical Bathroom Organization Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


It isn’t the first time we want to share a bunch of creative bathroom storage ideas with you. This roundup would be useful as for owners of small bathrooms as for those who own quite big bathrooms.


You’ll find ways to use every possible bit of space without cluttering your bathroom with cabinets so enjoy!  bathroom organization, bathroom storage, bathroom storage ideas, compact bathroom ideas, small bathroom ideas, storage ideas, storage solutions, Practical Bathroom Organization Ideas Read more »



Small Bathroom Design Idea: Space-Saving Fold-Out Fixtures

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The best of both worlds: everything you could want from a master bathroom makeover except … there is no floor plan, minimal installation cost and essentially no remodeling involved. It is simply a space-saving, portable, modular but fully-functional bathroom in a box.

Rather than redo the entire room, this cool concept involves new installation rather than radical renovation.The fixtures flip out from the compact box unit pushed against the wall – showers are a simple transformation away. Writes Michael Trudgeon of his futuristic interior design idea: “Cirrus MVR is a re-locatable modular bathroom built around a central water recycling and purifying unit. The stainless steel module is equipped with a built-in bath, shower, toilet and hand basin … while using a fraction of the water that current bathroom fittings require.” Read more »



The Roca Box modular bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The Roca Box modular bathroom,  How important is space in a bathroom? Do you really need a huge area in which to luxuriate and relax, or is the room a purely utilitarian space for you?  Clara del Portillo Pardo & Alejandro Selma Lázaro, the designers of this conceptual modular bathroom, insist that a tiny but well-designed loo can be the best choice for cost-effective and eco-friendly functioning. Read more »



Elegant Modern Bathtubs With Different Patterns

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Modern-Bathtubs Bathtubs-With-Different-Patterns

These bathtubs by WetStyle will definitely give your bathroom an exquisite and stylish look. The collection is called Image-In because of different elegant patterns that adorn the tubs. Youc an also choose the form – rounded or square. Elegant-Modern-Bathtubs-designElegant-Bathtubs

Dubbed Earth, Water, Floral and Calligraphy – you can look for one that really matches your bathroom, whether it’s high tech style or a traditional one.


Their deep design lets you sink in and soak away every care, every kink. These bathtubs look fantastic freestanding, in the corner or against the wall, oval or squared.


Such a tub will decorate your bathroom; it will give an elegant touch. bathtub, compact bathtubs, decorative bathtubs, floral bathtubs, modern bathtub, Bathtubs With Different Patterns, modern freestanding bathtubsstylish bathtub, white bathtub, Elegant Modern Bathtubs With Different Patterns, Bathtubs Design Ideas



Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Of Endless Concrete

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

eco-friendly-bathroom-design eco-friendly-bathroom-of-endless-concrete-modern-design-ideas,

Have a look at this Flow bathroom concept by Art-Tic Design Studio. It is based on the point that all the elements like a sink or a bathtub are fused with the surrounding floor and walls.


The concept is so calming and relaxing! The floor and the walls are done in concrete and so are the elements. The concrete seems not to end at all. The bathroom looks so fen shui and stylish and eco-friendly, of course, as here some green plants grow. Calm green and grey colors add relaxation and the tub with a bookshelf of concrete calls to spend some time lying in the foam.


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Bathroom concept.The bathroom pieces are just covers that can be fited in different structures. In this case concrete alows to fusion the differents elements with the architecture.