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Bathroom Design for Beautifying Your Relaxation Place

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Abella Laporte, Thursday, March 6th 2014. Bathroom, Bathroom Design for Beautifying Your Relaxation Place

Bathroom design is very important and should be done carefully because it serves a place for relaxation to your body. Therefore, it needs to have somewhat relaxing, soothing, and calming atmospheres to better make the relaxation takes place. Rejuvenate yourself with this Villeroy & Boch’s Memento Collection focusing on details in your bathroom. Choose sleek as main design and thus you can fill up the place with modern and contemporary furniture with unique details and also patterns.

Bathroom Design Defined

When you are making bathroom design plans, do not exaggerate it too much but just remember to use and give more attention into details, instead of using many décor. The theme Memento means to use surface–mounted washbasins, wood counter, floating cabinets, mirror, and shining light bulbs. All of these items comprise the sink area. The white porcelain and elegant pattern of washbasin is the focal point of this bathroom design. To accentuate the sleek style, you need to use metallic silver faucets.

Details of Bathroom Design

Sleek bathroom design will mean to use white colors in any furnishings and décor. Or, other option is to choose neutral colors but with gleaming effect. Take a look at the details in walls, floor, and ceiling this bathroom design has. Even though white tiles are used, but good–looking patterned rug is chosen to roll out above it. Walls are also made of tiles but they are different in colors according to the area, whereas ceiling is neutral also but with shiny lights. Read more »



Enchanting Bathroom Design With Dark Accent And Fascinating Lighting

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom, Enchanting Bathroom Design With Dark Accent And Fascinating Lighting: Modern Bathroom with Intriguing Details Brighten Your Day

Find varying ideas about the enchanting Enchanting Bathroom Design With Dark Accent And Fascinating Lighting. You can get a lot of ideas about creating a nice design to apply to your own home from the article. The article can provide you ideas you need in creating considerably enchanting design to apply according to the latest home design trends in the world

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Decorating Bathroom Walls With Colorful Tiles

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Sometimes people think that it isn’t possible to make bathroom look great. There are pipes and drains everywhere and usually you can’t do anything with them. Although even such thing as right wall tiles can make your bathroom more enjoyable. Colorful mixes and patterns are definitely are capable to turn any bathroom in a quite sweet and beautiful room. Those who don’t think so would be pleasantly surprised with bathrooms you can find on pictures below.

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Art Deco Bathroom Designs To Inspire Your Relaxing Sanctuary

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Art Deco is an eclectic artistic and design style that began in Paris in the 1920s. Nowadays it’s popular in luxury residences and hotels because it represents elegance, glamour, modernity and even functionality. Even though it’s hard to find good furniture in that style that won’t cost you a fortune you still can do that. So if you like this style you can use at your home too. The best room to start is a bathroom. Many manufacturers of modern plumbing have products that combine the aesthetic of minimalist and luxury of art deco. Glossy furniture is also very popular nowadays so it definitely won’t cost you a fortune. Here are some examples of modern interpretations of Art Deco bathrooms to inspire you. Read more »



Truly Gorgeous Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Not any luxury bathroom is truly gorgeous. A lot of modern bathrooms, even luxury ones, place a heavy emphasis on the shower but you can’t really relax by taking a shower. You need to soak in a gorgeous bathtub for a while. It would be great if you also could catch a beautiful view from a window while you’re soaking in the tub. If this isn’t an option then the interior of the whole bathroom should be so cool that it would become this great view. Here are some truly gorgeous bathrooms we fell in love with.

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Bathroom luxury design ideas by Villeroy & Boch

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Your bathroom should be your haven – a blend of practicality and luxury that suits your needs to a tee. We specialise in products that will make your bathroom experience even more enjoyable, and stock internationally acclaimed brands including Villeroy & Boch. Our product ranges include a large variety of sanitary ware, shower cubicles, fittings, mixers, tiles, mirrors and more. Read more »



Master Bathrooms Gallery Modern Design Idea

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Some of the best designs have a dramatic twist, a hidden surprise that makes them worthy of note. Others are simply remarkably for their elegant simplicity, even if they are clean, perfect and idealized beyond the realm of real-life possibility – like the great (but expensive) ideas in these designer bathroom pictures.

With modular moving panels that let you shape space, these layouts from Karol of course require that you have enough space to actually divide your bathroom design into different areas. Also, some of these high-end luxury finishes may not make it into your next remodeling budget. Read more »



Spirited Set of Wall-Mounted Bathroom Elements

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


A-Cero is perhaps best known for their architecture (and one-off oddities), but has a knack for statement-making interior designs and furnishings as well – this one-off venture into bathrooms, though, certainly befits their style.


The so-called Spirit Collection created for L’Antic Colonial features a set of interlocking pieces that can be arranged like artwork on the wall – a curved glass mirror, white ceramic sink with an independent metal fixture above and organic stone-faced wooden vanity below. Read more »



Gorgeous Green Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Peaceful, relaxed and removed from everyday life, this washroom may as well be outdoors for all its greenery, visible through a transparent floor, and climbing up the walls on all sides.


Presented by Azuma Makoto at the House Vision 2013 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, the concept is absolutely minimal – a few white fixtures floating out from the walls and nothing else but glass and greenery.

The high-contrast photos complete the effect, making white doors, windows, floors and trim seem to to disappear, leaving only the shape created by the plant life in the room. Read more »



Cool Purple Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The cool thing about purple color theme is that it can transform any bathroom into a royal retreat. Purple isn’t the most popular color choice for a bathroom but it definitely works well there. In the gallery that we’ve gathered you’ll find bathrooms in different styles and they all feature purple color. There are so many cool shades of purple that you can easily make your bathroom unique. Pale lilac, deep eggpant, funky amethyst, soothing lavender, all these shades are awesome. Don’t hesitate to make your bathroom gorgeous and unique!

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