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Toilet and Bath Floor Plan

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Toilet and Bath Floor Plan

The kind of fixtures you buy for a bath remodeling will depend on how much you have to spend, and on how large a room you are planning to remodel. Cost of bathroom fixtures varies with size, style, fittings, and materials used. Regarding bathroom layouts, be sure to allow at least one and half feet between the front of the sink and the front of the toilet. There should be two feet between the front of any fixture and the wall across from it. Minimum bathroom floor area needed for a person cleaning the tub is 30 inches (along the side of the tub) by 20 inches.

At the side of the fixtures allow at least two inches between toilet tank and sink or vanity and three inches between toilet and bathtub and four inches between toilet and the wall at the side of it. The best bathroom floor plans will locate the toilet so the large waste pipe goes between and parallel to the floor joists rather than cutting through them. This saves cutting the joists and may save costly floor framing. You can also save on the cost of piping by placing all the fixtures along one wall in new bath remodel. It is best to allow six inches between sink vanity and the wall. Allow more than the minimum of space if you can. Leave room for storage cabinets and towel bars. Rearrange your design until you have the fixtures in the best possible layout.



French Bathroom Cabinets

By Bathroom Designer

French Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets that resemble furniture are right at home in the French bathroom. In France, it is typical to repurpose furniture from other areas of the home into the bathroom to serve as vanities, washstands or storage cabinets.




Bathroom Corner Cabinet storage solution

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The Bathroom Corner Cabinet storage solution from HiB makes ideal use of difficult areas in a compact room like the modern cloakroom.

The gloss white cabinet has duel curved doors mounted on soft close hinges and acts as the pedestal for the Wave basin and centrally mounted Minima tap (optional).

Corner Cabinet saves space, whilst serving an essential storage and washroom function.



Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


bathroom ideas, bathroom storage, bathroom storage ideas, storage ideas,storage solutions, It isn’t surprise for anybody that bathrooms are usually very small. Although there are a lot of things that should be stored there including toilet paper rolls, towels, cosmetics and so on. That’s why you need to implement thoughtful storage solutions there.


Storage niches is only one way to do that. Creative shelves, racks and cabinets is another one. Check out some examples that will show you how creative your bartoom storage can be. Read more »



Built-In Bathroom Storage Space

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


We all know that water and paper do not mix well, so be careful not to splash if you decide to step into this strange bathroom storage-and-fixture combination – a contemporary bathing basin with built-in, metal-and-wood, side-of-tub shelving units.


These curious multifunctional bathtubs by Antonio Lupi come with shelves along either the short or long sides of tubs, presumably to cater to different bathroom layouts that might require users to step over either the side or the end. Read more »




By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Discount Bathroom Cabinets
Buying inexpensive bathroom cabinets does not mean giving up quality, as you’ll discover at KBC BATHROOM & KITCHEN. Constructed with the highest quality materials and using exacting workmanship, our cabinetry combine the perfect blend of style, function and value, all at unbelievable discount prices. Buying bathroom cabinets online give you the best of everything you’re looking for in new bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Options
Our bathroom vanity cabinets are limited only by your imagination. Choose from a wide range of wood species, including traditional oak or maple, and more exotic finishes such as bamboo. We also offer painted white bathroom cabinets to fit in with today’s most popular bathroom remodeling trends. Browse our website or call our excellent customer service department for a full listing of all the cabinet finishes and styles available.

Whichever bathroom vanity cabinet you select, you can be assured that your new bathroom cabinets will be the highest quality available. All of our cabinetry are constructed with Grade A plywood for strength and durability. You’ll never find particleboard or MDF in any box construction from KBC BATHROOM & KITCHEN. Our shelves are 100 percent 3/4″ plywood as well, so they’ll never sag, warp or disintegrate if they get wet. Additionally, our cabinets feature matching finished interiors and finished sides for a high- end look and long wear.

Every one of our cabinets features quality construction details as well. Look for undermount solid birch wood dovetail construction drawers in many of our cabinets. Many of our designs also have full extension and soft closing drawers. Look for full-width I-beam construction on our cabinet tops, providing stability and anchor points for the countertop you choose.

Stock Bathroom Cabinets
Stock cabinet styles allow manufacturers to save money by constructing high quality cabinets in standard sizes for a lower cost. What this means for you is inexpensive bathroom cabinets that are the highest quality. Our expert design staff will help you create a custom bathroom look using stock bathroom cabinets, allowing you to use all the modern features you want combined with the inexpensive bathroom cabinets that your budget needs.



Bathroom Storage Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A great bathroom design idea is that one can never have too much bathroom storage!

Creating a stunning bathroom complete with all the luxuries from whirlpool baths, a double basin vanity to radiator towel warmers, finished off with glamorous bathroom fixtures and accessories for the ultimate dream bathroom is every homeowner’s desire.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets – Create Extra Space with a Touch of Style!

Is your bathroom looking cluttered? How about fitting new bathroom wall cabinets to store all your toiletries and appliances? Achieve a balance of style and function with KBC’s bathroom storage cabinets. Our range includes complete with bathroom storage, mirror, sink and vanity cabinet, offering maximum efficiency in minimum space.

The use of a variety of basins can help create a traditional, modern or contemporary feel to your bathroom. There are semi-recessed, raised, glass, stainless steel and traditional basins that can all be used. Our qualified sales team will help design a bathroom storage furniture and shelving’s to suit your preferred bathroom design.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Storage Furniture from KBC

Bathroom cabinets are as essential to the design and function of a bathroom as the appliances. An easy way to instantly improve your bathroom’s image is to buy stylish new bathroom storage furniture from our virtual store and add practicality and style to your bathroom. Our widest range of selection of bathroom shelves, and storage racks come in many styles and finishes to suit your decorating needs.

We have bathroom storage furniture to help add space where you need it most. Our bathroom furniture and storage cabinets come at a price that would not cramp your budget!



Contemporary Bathroom Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Outdated or just plain boring bathroom décor is unappealing and spoils the appearance of your room. By adding a contemporary bathroom cabinets or Vanities, it is possible to give your bathroom a stylish new look, without the expense and effort of remodeling the entire room. With the choice of products available — from bathroom vanities to fabric shower curtains — sprucing up your bathroom can be simple and quick at

Rediscover Luxury in Your Bathroom – Contemporary Bathroom Vanities Can Transform Your Bathroom

Looking for the perfect bathroom vanity for your bathroom renovation? Bathroom vanity cabinets are an essential component of any bathroom and can add drama to your design and decor. A bathroom facelift could mean new paint, resurfaced walls, new sink, taps or even a new bathtub. All of which are inexpensive ways to add a sense of newness to the room and change your feeling about the room.

KBC has a vast collection of modern and contemporary bathroom vanities all at an affordable prices. contemporary bathroom vanities with inlaid sinks atop useful storage cabinets come in a huge variety of styles, so no matter what your bathrooms decorating theme you should be able to find the perfect vanity unit to help define its character. If you have plenty of room and an easy to fit arrangement, this may be the best solution for you.

Useful Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

It is amazing how often bathroom cabinets and storage are left out of the planning process. More and more people are discovering the beauty, style, and luxury their bathrooms can contain by renovating their bathrooms with the latest modern bathroom furnishings and fixtures from KBC at



Small Wall Mounted Vanities by Lasa Idea – Flux

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There is something so fun and futuristic about these small wall mounted vanities, part of the Flux collection by Lasa Idea. They’re like little pods of modern joy. From a design perspective, they bring something different to the bathroom space … a creative dynamic, maybe. Even though they boast a unique design and ooze with a special style, these little vanities are unpretentious – perfect for a stylish, modern and welcoming space. What’s really fun, is that you can combine the colorful accents as you like.

See the rest of the images for examples. Learn more at Lasa Idea.wall mounted bath vanities, Small bathroom vanities, stylish vanities, bathroom ideasmodern bath vanities, small bathroom



Parisian Glamour Bathroom Vanity by Decotec

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

French bathroom design firm Decotec is bringing some joie de vivre to your bath with this Parisian glamour vanity, the DX 130. Presented at the Ideobain 2010 show, this modern design features a contemporary, illuminated, oval-shaped pod that integrates the sink and countertop in one fluid form. Below the sink, a concealed drawer slides open to reveal a wood interior and plenty of storage space.

This futuristic vanity hasn’t yet hit the store shelves, but when it does it is expected to fetch a retail price of €19,000 (~ 24,000 US$). For more information on this cool concept vanity, visit Decotec.