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Nice Hydromassage Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Stas Doyer is a big producer of different bathroom appliances, which could help you to well care of your beauty and health. One of such product is a new model of whirlpool bath – L’Alizee. This nice automatic bathtub is equipped with sensitive touch screen, which allows to adjust all settings and also shows various useful information. 180 hydromassage nozzles provide a perfect relaxation and thanks to their right position are capable to make a healthy massage of 6 anatomical zones. You could completely programme your own massage and get very pleasant moments in such hydromassage bathtub. However like any functional and high-tech bathtub, L’Alizee is a quite expensive and you need to have a big bathroom to locate it because its size is l 2,24m x w 1,05m x h 0,84m and its capacity is 280 litres. If you want more information about this nice whirlpool bathtub then you could find it on Stas Doyer site.high tech bathtub, hydro massage bath, hydro massage bathtub,hydromassage bathtub, Stas Doyer, whirlpool bathtubs Read more »



Contemporary Bathroom Set with Natural Touch

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The SensaMare complete bathroom is one more product by Hoesch, which has been presented on ISH 2009 in Frankfurt. It presents itself the set for bathroom consisted of shower cabin, bathtub and washbasin. It is addressed to active people who like comfortable and modern furniture. If you are one of them, you should check it out. Hoesch gives you a place where you could relax and find yourself. You could start your day freshly and vital, taking shower in stylish and functional SensareMare box. Comfortable whirlpool bath could help you to make the end of working day much more pleasant. All of the elements are made in contemporary minimalist style and would look great in black and white interior design. One of the most interesting features of this set is combination of white acrylic with exotic wood, which adds natural touch to it. [Hoesch]




Egg Bathtub Space Saving ‘Tulip’ Shower

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Some apartment bathrooms are just not big enough to fit a full- or even half-size tub, unless one considers the extra space already required for standing and walking. This clever flip-down solution makes room for lying down in the bath, but retracts when not in use.

The (Tulip) name was derived by Piotr Pyrtek from the way in which the unit seems to blossom open, as well as the tulip’s versatility in the world of plants. When upright, the enclosure prevents splashing and contains steam for showering. When flipped open, the vertical portion provides a place to lean against along the back surface. Read more »



Futuristic Elegant Adjustable Shower Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The problem with the one-shower-fits all approach to designing showers is that we humans not only come in different shapes and sizes but  we also prefer to take a shower in different ways.

This all-in-one shower fixture (designed by Sunghoon Mun) has a simple, elegant but also functional design with a twist nob, shelves for soaps and a slot to easily adjust the height and angle of water flow.


By lifting or lowering the handle at the bottom the fixture is easily adjusted for a full-body head-to-tow shower experience or down to a body spray mode or anything in between.



Design beautiful bathrooms with Autokitchen 11

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

New textures and bathroom fixtures
We just released the Summer Catalog Update for Autokitchen 11. The update really expands your choices in almost all relevant categories, including cabinetry, appliances, textures and bathroom fixtures. 

We are very excited about some of the new wall textures, including the new micro tiles shown in the above image and the wavy tiles shown in the image below.

Several new bathroom over-the-counter vessels are also included, completing an already rich collection of bathroom fixtures.  As always, the dimensions in these new fixtures can be altered via a quick right-click, so that you can portray them as you want them to look.



Lighting for the Modern Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom lighting is more than a necessity for every bathroom. Bathroom Lighting is now more complex as bathrooms need many levels of lighting with different functions such as showering, bath area, styling and the sink area for daily tasks. A good lighting design requires multiple lighting types and styles for the highest impact. Task lighting is one of the most important types of lighting for the bathroom, and should be addressed with a lighting scheme for the vanity. Ambient lighting is typically provided by ceiling fixtures, and is especially important in the bath because of varied mixtures of materials and finishes, many of them shiny surfaces like wall tile, floor tile and chrome faucets.

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Modern bathroom lighting solutions

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom lights can turn an ordinary bathroom into a sensual and serene space or they can light up the hidden corners of your room, illuminating space and bringing your bathroom to life. A good lighting plan asks for layers of light: placing ample direct light where it is needed for showers, shaving, or putting on makeup, while other light sources enhance the overall mood of the room. Good, functional bathroom lighting is needed for the area around the vanity mirror and sink. These light fixtures need to be gently flattering , yet bright enough so you can see to shave or apply makeup.

Wall sconces mounted on either side of the mirror or vertical strip lighting fixtures or are best for casting an even light across the face. In addition to adding a decorative touch to the bathroom and vanity area , wall sconces help evening out the light by eliminating shadows.

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Antique sink cabinet

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Antique furniture is always beautiful. It adds class and elegance to any interior. This is valid for basically any room of the house, even for the bathroom. This antique chest is a living proof for this affirmation. It’s a chest or a cabinet that also includes a sink on top. It was designed for elegant bathrooms that needed a vintage touch.

The chest is both stylish and functional. Besides the fact that it’s also a sink, this antique chest also includes plenty of storage space. It features two drawers and two doors for items like toothbrushes, toiletries or other small items. As for the materials used, the chest is almost entirely made of wood. It also has a marble veneer top and brass sink fixtures, carved cabriole leg and a beautiful antique finish.

The overall dimensions of this antique beauty are 36 1/2 x 20 1/2 – 41 3/4 H. It’s a relatively small item so it could be included in almost any bathroom. Lace a matching mirror above it and maybe some candleholders on the sides and you get a romantic atmosphere. It might be a little difficult to find matching elements to go with this piece but try to find something made of wood or that replicates wood texture and go with warm colors and vintage patterns.



5 Tips for Eco-Savvy Bathrooms

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Did you know a leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day? So fix it quickly, says Mary Jo Peterson, CKBD. Here are some other easy ways to go green:

Replace Faucets
Check out new, attractive motionactivated styles for residential sinks to help conserve water. In the shower, try a much-improved aerator. (Now it will rinse the shampoo out of your hair!)

Change Lightbulbs
Spend a bit more up front on fluorescents, and you’ll reap the rewards of energy savings and good color rendering for years to come. Bulbs now come in a variety of shapes, too.

If renovation is the plan, talk to your contractor about ways to move air, odors and moisture. (And avoid mold growth in an attic or garage by making sure vents dump outside.)

When redesigning, don’t insist the new toilet or sink be moved to the opposite side of the room. Use less construction materials by keeping water and waste lines in the same place.

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Good Looking of Bathroom Products

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The latest bathroom furniture and sanity ware collection for Axor is designed by french designers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The Axor Bouroullec consists of 85 bathroom products, including: mixers, wash basins, bath tubs, solutions for shower areas, and so on.

The main point of the collection is to allow home owners to create very personalized and individual bathrooms that will suit all their needs and wishes. Even individual elements like a wash basin could be personalized – you can locate the mixer and handles almost everywhere around it. The whole collection is an excellent, good looking solution that gives enough flexibility for everyone. { Axor }

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