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Minimalist Square Bathtub For Modern Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Colacril has presented a new bathtub which is a part of design project – Atmospere by Romano Adolini. This bathtub amazes by its simple shape and absolutely minimalist design. It is available in two versions: square (1200×1200 m) and rectangular (1600×700 mm). Thanks to such geometric shape it allows to save the space and can be placed as in the centre of the bathroom as close to a wall. Combination of the glossy bathtub’s exterior and the matt and silky interior makes it very beautiful and capable to decorate any modern bathroom. This minimalist bathtub is made of ecological polymineral materials and presents itself a real product for health. If you’ve liked this model and want more information about it, you should visit Colacril site. Read more »



Walk-In Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


solution that seems clunky in an otherwise-nice bathroom space. Sleeker Inflatable Solution Reinvents Basic Walk-In Bathtub, This solution by Su Pin Chia works around these issues in a few interesting ways.

First, its strong horizontals and divided sections break up the monotony of the megalithic form.

Second, when not in use, it is simply much smaller since the sides can remain down rather than up.

Finally, the use of two materials – one hard, one soft – make it seem more like two elements than one.

So how does it work? Instead of folding up, it fills up – the sides are inflatable via the water-propelled jacuzzi mechanism already built in. Whether it would work in reality is a good question, but the concept is quite cool regardless. Walk-In Bathtub,  Sleeker Inflatable Solution Reinvents Basic Walk-In tub, Bathtubs.


Walk in tubs are great when for whatever reason, getting into and out of a standard tub is difficult.

However… the is one obvious characteristic that for whatever reason isn’t so obvious at first.

Because the door opens almost to the bottom of the tub, you must get in the tub before you can fill it, and when you are done soaking, you must empty the tub before you get out.  Bathtubs Walk-In tub Walk-In Bathtub bathroom space bathroom Solution tubs.

Not that this is a high price to pay if you need the advantages of a walk in tub, just be aware upfront.



Refresh and Relax Bath Tubs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bath tubs have been a place to refresh and relax for centuries, from the old tin bath that was brought out into a front room or bedroom, to cast iron enameled roll tops, modern acrylic spas, and fitted fiberglass designs, the tub has certainly seen some changes throughout the years; this collection shows a contemporary take on many of these age old aesthetics, bringing tried and tested ideas bang up to date.

Ensuite bathrooms are also seeing more open designs, with huge viewing windows through to the sleeping quarters, and some without any divide at all.



Beautiful Freestanding Bathtubs for Opulent Bathroom Design from Recor

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Recor company has been founded in 1958 in Portugal and takes one of the leading places in production of different kinds of contemporary cast iron bathtubs. It will present its latest models on prochain Mosbuild 2010. These models are awesome freestanding baths for elegant luxury bathroom designs. They are made of qualitative material and decorated by amazing patterns. Gold finish and sophisticated shape of elegant legs create an atmosphere of beauty and opulence. Any bathroom with one of such charming freestanding bathtubs could remind a royal room and give a lot of pleasure to its owner. The cast Iron bathtubs from Recor could become a proud part of any classic bathroom designs. If you like less opulent models with more modern designs then you also could find the right freestanding model among other products of this company.

You could find more information about these new and other iron bathtubs on Recor site.bath design, beautiful bathtubs, black freestanding baths, cast iron bathtubs, freestanding bath tubs, freestanding tubs, iron bathtub, luxury bath, luxury bathtubs, opulent bathroom design, Recor



The 19th China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Name: The 19th China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan
Time: April 18-22, 2012
Hosts: China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, China Ceramics Industrial Association, People’s Government of Chancheng District, Foshan City.
Organizer:  Foshan China Ceramics City Development Ltd.
Co-organizers: Foshan Ceramics Industry Association, People’s Government of Nanzhuang Township, Neighborhood Office of Shiwan Township.
Venues: China Ceramics City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters, Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center
Scale: around 300,000m2 and 600 exhibitors
Exhibits: Building Ceramic, Sanitaryware, Baths, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Cabinet, Mosaic, Art Ceramic, etc.
Visitor Coverage: Around 50 countries

The Best Ceramic and Bathroom Fair

China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan , the top event in ceramic and bathroom industry in China, has become the name card of Foshan. As an export-oriented exhibition, CeramBath attracts buyers home and abroad with its outstanding exhibition recourses and state-of-the-art products. And it has been regarded as the most prestigious and influential ceramic and bathroom exhibition in China. Every year, with 500 to 600 exhibitors, CeramBath opens on every April 18 and October 18, in the same period as Canton Fair and has been successfully held for 18 sessions, which totally received over 800,000 visitors.

Here in Cerambath, you can find various ceramic and bathroom products as well as ceramics-related products, including floor tile, wall tile, skirting, exterior wall tile, plaza tile, mosaic, garden ceramic, glass ceramic, roof tile, art ceramic, stone, bathroom, massage bathtub, bathroom accessories, ceramic basin, toilet, ceramics machinery and technique, ceramics raw material, et.

According to the statistics, of all sessions of CeramBath, 70% of the exhibitors receive purchase intent from buyers and more than 20% of them close the deal during the fair.



Before and after bathroom makeover

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

After moving into their new home in Michigan, the new homeowners had to face the challenges. The kitchen and the bathroom definitely needed a renovation so they’ve decided to focus on those spaces. Today we’re going to take a look at the bathroom and see the way it looked like before and then the way it turned out.


The new owners moved in in February 2011 and they’ve managed to finish the kitchen and the bathroom in March. I would say they were fast, considering the makeover they’ve come up with by themselves. Actually, the bathroom was done in about a week. They had some inspiration from a blog that had a bedroom with the same color. It might seem like a well-thought plan, but as the owners declare themselves, they didn’t get to do much planning.

They wanted to maintain a quasi-historical look but also make their presence visible by adding their own touch. They took a chance with the black paint but it turned out to be an inspired choice. The hardest part was not painting or redecorating the room but taring it down and preparing it for the bathroom makeover. That’s because of its small size. Another difficult part was finding pieces that would fit in there and try to mix and match them. It wasn’t easy but the results are satisfying and the owners are happy with their new bathroom.



Creative Bath with Beautiful Themes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

How to beautify your bath themes on a budget creative bath tuning tips for giving your bathroom design? This is a tips for decorating your bathroom design with a country theme. This project by Ukraine designer Andrey Bondarenko is for showing how simple tuning can change usual things. He took one bath model and colored it in creative themes. It’s nice to see that design of so usual things as baths could become so artistic and new. Nevertheless, possibility of tuning of habitual things is very attractive.

The concept was made be perceived for fun, and it is could become possible seriously. a number of key themes such as access to finance and securing creative content. This project can be perceived, as a conceptual series of baths or as variations of execution of the same model depending on objects in view. This concept bath is so endearing, it kinda takes you back to Winnie the Pooh days! Imagine splashing around in a giant honey pot.

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How to organize the bathroom to look comfortable

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important part of a house, without his survival of a family must have felt less comfortable. To organize the bathroom so it looks clean, beautiful and comfortable is very important to do for our families who use too comfortable.
Here we provide several examples of arrangement of the bathroom, please observe who knows there is one to suit your taste.



Innovative and Seductive Bathtubs Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This Innovative and Seductive Bathtubs Design Shiva’-Art is an authentic jewel of elegance with particularly clear in the line of the wooden front panel available in bleached oak or wenge. The innovative force yields technical products of great practical value appreciated not only throughout Italy but also in European countries and overseas. BluBleu creations, true jewels in the bathing environment, arise from a continuous research into style always aiming to successfully interpret contemporary trends and providing the maximum freedom of combination of materials and solutions for a pleasant well being and relaxation.

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Villeroy & Boch, Bath Square Quaryl

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Bath Square Villeroy & Boch is a very original creation, available in several versions and with great customization capabilities. The number of bathtubs Villeroy & Boch is made of Quaryl, A special mixture of quartz and acrylic, exclusive of the patent. This material has a consistency very flexible and allows the company to create bathtubs cutting-edge design and fancy free, with sharp curves and high precision.

The tub Square is obtained in the classical rectangular, hexagonal or angular, as to be honored with the “Red Dot Design Award”One of the most important international awards. ? ?

To characterize the tank is then United Square, an innovative system external paneling signed Villeroy & Boch consists of a sturdy aluminum frame with a profile view of the panels which are installed in five different high-quality finishes such as Macassar ebony, Merano, Glossy Walnut, Glossy White and Pearlwood.

The United system is also available for tanks with whirlpool system and Invisible Jets, with the revolutionary jets emerging that are activated by the lateral surface of the tub and close flush with the wall, after switching off.