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What is a 10×10 Kitchen?

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


A 10×10 kitchen is a sample kitchen layout designed for simple price comparisons of our various cabinet lines. This 10′x10′ sample kitchen is based on the 11 cabinets listed below and shown to the right. It does not include moulding, hardware, countertops, sink, faucet or appliances. The drawing shown is an example of what you can expect to receive when taking advantage of our FREE professional design services.It is comprised of one Base cabinets18″, one Lazy Susan cabinets 36″, one Sink Base cabinets 36″, one Base cabinets 24″, one Wall cabinets 36×15″, one Wall cabinets 18×30″, one Wall cabinets 30×15″, one Wall cabinets 12×30″, one Wall Diagonal Corner cabinets 24×30″, one Wall cabinets 36×30″, and one Wall cabinets 24×30″.



Rounded Bathroom Cabinets with Reduced Depth

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

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Since 1980 Karol make modern and practical bathroom furniture. Almost all their collections, including K08, characterized by minimalist yet very functional design. K08 collection is designed to solve the problem of small bathrooms without losing in quality and design. Its cabinets are reduced in depth and have rounded corners. Even though such cabinets will look awesome in any bathroom, small bathrooms was the aim of the company.

Other important feature of this collection is double finish of cabinets – lacquered + wood. The basins, available in assorted designs and finishes, can be positioned either on the centre of the wash-basin cabinet or on the end of the corner to allow the full exploitation of the storage inside the cabinet and of the countertop.

K08 fromKarol is the bathroom furniture set which would be perfect for those who tries to make the bathroom minimalist.



Bath Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Have you ever been to your friend’s place and envied the beautifying, huge, magnificent bath cabinets and sulked over yours. Do you have bathroom cabinet that serves the needs of day-to-day use and functions well, but could stand a small transformation from bland to stylish? The bathroom is used every day and needs to be designed to look good as well as utilizing the available space most effectively. A facelift of your bathroom cabinets does not necessarily mean structural changes, but more to do with the cosmetic changes needed to infuse updated designs.

Make Your Bathroom Stand Out With Creative Décor

Deciding exactly what you want in your new bathroom remodel is possibly the most difficult thing that you will have to do in your whole renovation project. If you are looking for good bathroom furniture ideas for decorating and furnishing your bathroom, is the perfect place for you! Depending on your own personal taste and style of comfort and functionality, select a bathroom cabinet design that matches your everyday needs.

Contemporary Bathroom Cabinets at

Elegantly designed bathroom cabinet lends a touch of sophistication and class to any bathroom. Combining our ability to manufacture discount bathroom cabinets, and custom components with the widest range of styles and an almost unlimited color selection, we can create the most personalized kitchen design to suit your taste and budget.

What you decide to put into your small bathroom and how you arrange the items in the room will become part of your life for potentially a very long time at, your best bathroom cabinet suppliers.



Beautiful Bathroom Vanities from Etrusca

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom is a space which can be decorated or arranged with different vanities and accessories so that becomes more attractive and beautiful. It should represent an area which inspires you freshness, comfort and hygiene. A few moments that you spend here might be benefic and transform you into a new person. Usually women spend a lot of time in the bathroom. They spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, arranging their hair, rearranging their make-up sometimes or just checking their aspect.

So bathroom should be a place which features elegance, beauty and refinement. For those who would like to get an elegant bathroom the use of these beautiful Bathroom Vanities from Etrusca are the perfect options. If you see the Vintage vanity that features a beautiful floral relief pattern in white or cream on its base, adorning the doors to your storage space you will be amazed by the elegant result that you will get.

The body of the vanity is available in glossy finishes, beige and grey which sometimes seem to contrast or complete the whole design of the vanity. In order to an exquisite bathroom that will charm you with its elegant and luxury style you may choose the countertop, hardware and mirror that will fit perfectly this refined décor.



5 stylish new bathroom cabinets adds bathroom fun

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

REVIEW: cramped bathroom space, frequent daily use, complicated toiletries, bathroom furniture, cabinet choices than other more time-consuming bother. And difficult to take care of the surface materials, storage shall not force the tasteless style farewell to the following selection of bathroom cabinet style, will be able to help you configure the bathroom well done.
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Split wall-mounted storage cabinets wall space is not a waste of garbage

There is a bathroom window everyone aspire to, but the wall under the window, if you do not install the bath, the wall might become a waste to waste. The split this wall storage cabinets, just use this space, from shower area and wash basin area are very close, daily use items can be stored.

Embodiment of the side wall cabinet vanity wash basin

Choose bathroom cabinets, mainly to see the usual habits. If you make every morning, then this can be transformed into a dressing table, bathroom cabinet must not be missed. Cabinet height for standing position, the surface and real wood dresser is almost the same. Morning time constraints, a person can take turns using the wash basin area, take a long time will never occur because of conflicts.

Flexible and easy to use mobile cabinet

Wash basin and shower area were set on both sides in the bathroom, you need a flexible and mobile connectivity of the bathroom cabinet to two important areas, so that objects at hand, but do not have to repeat the set storage space. Mobile bathroom cabinet wheels must be of good quality assurance within the cabinet filled with all kinds of bath liquid can freely post events.

Simplified installation piece bathroom cabinet

Mirror, wash basin, bathroom cabinet, toilet area is essential, this collection features three bathroom cabinet design saves installation steps, one to be completed. Just choose the time to pay attention, back behind the bathroom cabinet has done enough moisture treatment, otherwise, moisture accumulation, corrosion of the cabinet easy to be deformed.

Act as a cut off corner bathroom cabinet

Bring about a new bathroom cabinet corner bathroom layout.lows cabinet cut off as part of the back to planning for the shower area or toilet area. This bathroom cabinet for the bathroom and bedroom connected type design, so that more specific functional areas, space utilization higher.



Corner Bathroom Cabinet – Get Yours Today!

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house and the one that gets the most use. With a large family, this can be almost constant during the morning and evening hours. Keeping enough towels and supplies on hand requires some extra storage space and this can be accomplished by adding a corner bathroom cabinet.

Storage space in a bathroom normally is quite limited.  Some shelves or a small chest on the floor helps make up for this, but usually is not enough. The corner of the bathroom tends to have enough room to comfortably add a corner bathroom cabinet without detracting for the overall look of the room. Mounted up, within easy reach for almost every family member, this lets you keep a bit extra of everything close by.

There are many types and styles to choose from when it comes to these types of cabinets. There are single and two door models that have anywhere from two to four shelves built inside and some come with mirrored doors to give the bathroom an even more expanded look. Latching and non latching doors are also available on these.

As far as finishes go, you will have a wide variety to choose from. Wood grain and stained to match the trim or other cabinets that already exist in your home should not be too difficult to find. Along with Formica and easily cleaned surfaces, these cabinets are completely sealed against the possibility of water damage from the steam produced in a bathroom.

A brief search online will let you find a wide range of these cabinets to choose from. Once located, whether it is at a local store or a manufacturer’s outlet, ordering them is a simple matter. Many include free shipping with a substantial order which will cut down on your overall costs.




By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Designing your own kitchen cabinets is a complicated process that is best handled by skilled professionals.


Kitchen cabinets can be customised when it comes to both style and size.

However, whether you’re going to have an active part in the process or not, there are definitely some things you should consider. For starters, think about where you want everything stored and how this should reflect the layout of your cabinets.

For instance, a kitchen cabinet that is designed to store small plates and bowls will have much different dimensions to one that is made for storing large pots and pans. Most people simply get their kitchen cabinets fitted and then fill them up. The right way to go about things is to consider where you want things stored and tailor your cabinet design to match up with this.

Putting the effort into making your own decisions with your cabinet design can really pay off. When you’re using your kitchen to cook or even to just carry out small tasks like making a cup of tea, you’ll find things so much easier having everything to hand. If you’ve got a large kitchen with plates and bowls on the other of the room to knives and forks it can be incredibly frustrating marching up and down the kitchen between the two.


Devol Kitchen furniture

Devol Kitchen furniture are kitchen cabinet designers, as well as designing any other furniture which could be placed in your kitchen. All their details are below.



Kitchen Cabinets ? A Growing Market for the Perfect Kitchen?

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen cabinet is simply a box with a door, usually made of wood that is affixed to the wall of the kitchen. They are prevalent in the kitchen due to the need for storage space and the fact that they can also be stood on the floor and the top affixed with a work surface, maximising storage efficiency.
Kitchen cabinets are produced by a massive variety of companies. Famous companies exist in Canada and Sweden but shopping for kitchen utilities can be done anywhere, so long as you take caution to shop around for a good price. It is becoming prevalent for people to buy things like cabinets in kit form and construct them at home, making transport easier, and simply requiring a little DIY skill. Cabinets of a huge variety of designs and sizes can be found in this form or ready made.
You can find base cabinets, built for the floor, with drawers fixed above the cabinet, two cabinets side by side, tall thin cabinets for kitchens with low floor space, and of course wall mounted cabinets of various shapes. Triangular cabinets that fit snugly into a corner make maximum use of the space and give the shape of the kitchen a smoother look. Some companies make two cabinets one above the other, with a space in between making a small shelf.
To make your kitchen fit your ideals, many cabinet companies produce a variety of special moulding strips for the corners of your cabinets, and panel covers in a different colours. If you can?t find the cabinet you want in a certain colour, you can just customise one with these new covers, or new feet, handles, and plinths, also meaning that the height from the floor is changeable. When buying any cabinets or covers make sure that they are made from durable woods and will be easy to wipe down. Some companies even allow you to order samples, so that you can envision the perfect kitchen without any risk.