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Bamboo Bathroom Furniture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Get organized with the contemporary styling of our Bamboo Space Saver and Hamper (each sold separately). Assembly required.

Bamboo Bathroom Hamper. Bring a touch of the exotic into your bathroom or bedroom with an elegant bamboo hamper, entirely crafted from one of the world’s strongest and most renewable wood fibers. 19 3/4″ w x 23 3/4″ h x 11 3/4″ d.

Bamboo Bathroom Space Saver. Space Saver has an adjustable shelf inside cabinet. 25 3/4″ w x 56 1/2″ h x 9 1/2″ d.




Unusual Bathroom Furniture For Chalking On It

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Custom Alberto Demel Introduced a Really unusual Bathing room Furnishings and Components Selection – you can to pin memos and Suggestions just Arrive to Thoughts on them. You can do that Many thanks to the sheets of foil-like board Exactly where you can Create with a Item of chalk. The Primary Colour is Organic bamboo, there’s a Metallic faucet and board for Crafting with chalk.

The panel on the wall frame is Produced of bamboo, Within which is Positioned a Circular mirror. If you Believe of some Chores for a Evening or just want to Depart from a Humorous Concept for the People of your Loved ones – it’s Perfect! bathroom furniture, bathroom furniture collection, contemporary bathroom furniture, elegant bathroom furniture, harmonic bathroom furniture, bathroom chalkboard, minimalist bathroom furniture, minimalst bathroom furniture, new Bathing room Furnishings.



Awesome Sorgente Bathtub by Teuco

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

So awesome when it relaxes to the Sorgente bathtub by Teuco. Exotic bath with a luxurious display of modern style bathtub is tempting to have a interior modern bathroom. Satisfaction of fun when pamper yourself with a soak in the luxury Sorgente bathtub.

Impressive again, Sorgente bathtub by Teuco designed fused with the bathroom floor. In the bath, covered with a technology whirlpool with 8 jet hydrosilence, where water flows into the outskirts of the tub. So awesome, where another part that is not impressive? Sorgente Bathtub comprised of various options, a slate gray color of natural stone or granite other.



Bamboo Kitchen Cabinetry

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bamboo is beginning to be seen as an attractive alternative for cabinet, floor and furniture construction. For a long time these the traditional hardwood choices of Oak, Maple and Poplar were to be considered for these uses. Although bamboo is being used extensively in the home for flooring, kitchen designers today are using this material all over the house, for just about any use from kitchen cabinets to countertops, cutting boards to serving bowls, shower curtains to dining room chairs.

Bamboo kitchen cabinetry is quite beautiful, but it has many other advantages as well over hardwood too. For instance, bamboo is environmentally-friendly. Bamboo is considered the most Environmentally friendly product in the world. Bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood, and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, since it grows in only a few short years, usually 5 or 6 years. Hardwood can take as long a 50 years to mature. This means that Bamboo is more quickly and easily renewable.

In fact, many homeowners are probably already aware of this bamboo and its benefits, but more importantly today they know that it is being used to create many numerous practical and stylish products, such as in kitchen flooring and kitchen cabinetry. Bamboo kitchen cabinetry is considerably more durable than hardwood. In fact, bamboo is very tough with a hardness of 15% greater than Maple and 25% harder than Oak.

Bamboo is available in several colors in its natural state, including yellow, light and dark green, black and gray. The most popular colors for bamboo kitchen cabinets are blond, bamboo’s natural color, or the slightly darker amber.

Other reasons that can explain bamboo becoming a more attractive building material for bamboo kitchen cabinetry is due to the fact that it is a dimensionally stable material. What causes bamboo to be so strong is that each strand of the grain is perfectly straight. No other tree on earth grows as straight as the bamboo tree. Even though bamboo is a light material is has less contraction and expansion than wood.

With bamboo kitchen cabinets you can bring the beauty of the outdoor indoors and create an exotic look for your kitchen space with bamboo cabinetry. Since this highly renewable and environmentally-friendly product is very comparable to hardwood in style, feel and strength making bamboo can be considered yet another great building material to be considered in your kitchen.

The look of bamboo cabinetry is very beautiful because it is so unique with its light-colored edge grain. It can give a clean and sophisticated look to kitchen cabinets.

Bamboo kitchen cabinets can have the rich warm tone that is found in the carbonized caramel color or the light, natural hues of neutral blond color. Edge or vertical grain provides a smooth look with long lines.

Bamboo is a product that enhances the environment and value of any kitchen design.