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Colonial Kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen in this American colonial has mahogany counters, a table on casters, and chairs designed by by KBC.



Wood kitchen cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Having strong reliable kitchen cabinets are very important to have in a kitchen. Wood kitchen cabinets are an example of a reliable type of cabinet. This is because wood kitchen cabinets are very solid making the cabinet door extremely well-built. Upgrading to wood kitchen cabinets is a positive choice because they are used daily and you will not have to worry about breakage from this excessive use. Purchasing big items for your home can be quite pricey therefore it is a good idea to get wood kitchen cabinets so that once you upgrade you’ll never have to upgrade again.

Why Plywood vs. Particle board?

Cabinets made out of plywood hold great strength. Plywood consists of sheets of wood that are glued together in an odd number of layers. This creates symmetry in the wood and causes the wood to be less prone to warping. Cabinets made out of particleboard are a composite material. It consists of wood chips, sawmill shavings and saw dust with a synthetic resin used for binding. Particleboard is prone to expansion and discoloration due to moisture. Although particleboard may be a less pricey form of cabinet, plywood will be a material that you will never have to replace due to its strong reliable construction.



Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

If you accept an alfresco kitchen but abridgement accumulator space, alfresco kitchen cabinets are your answer. Beyond aloof ‘storage boxes’ however, they can additionally ascertain the appearance and attending of your alfresco kitchen, aloof as calm cabinets do for your calm kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets appear in a array of abstracts and styles, so you’re not bound as far choices go. They’re additionally fabricated to angle up to the elements so there’s no charge to be anxious about how they’ll book in the sun, rain or snow.
Convenience is a benefaction too. Being able to abundance aggregate you charge appropriate there in the alfresco kitchen is a lot easier than consistently accepting to run aback to the “inside kitchen” for supplies.

Kitchens are the undisputed heart of the home, where everyone gathers, mingles, and lingers during parties. But to achieve that kind of appeal outside means expanding your outdoor living space. To draw a crowd—and keep them entertained—requires a bit more than plopping down a table and a few plastic chairs.
With an outdoor kitchen you can prepare meals and be around your guests with minimal time spent running back inside for plates, beverages, or tongs. Although you could spend tens of thousands of dollars for a custom outdoor kitchen, a basic island is an efficient design that leaves out the complexity of curves and angles. Not only that, with an island guests can relax on one side while you’re cooking on the other, so you feel as though you’re part of the gathering.

Outdoor kitchen and exterior cabinets will not crack, split, or rot when exposed to weather. Custom outdoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen design add beauty and function to any outdoor patio kitchen.

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Antique Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The one thing about antique kitchen cabinets is that they have never gone out of style and likely never will, no matter what other types of décor move in and out of the current trends. 

Even with the latest in technological developments, electrical appliances, tools, gadgets, and fashionable colors, these, just like country kitchen cabinets, will always have their place in the room that is the true heart of most homes.  The difference that the older style makes is that even with all of the modern accessories, it still has charm and appeal, while never looking out of place. 

Antique kitchen cabinets can seem perfectly right even when hanging next to microwave ovens, digital coffee makers, and an electric hand mixer.  In fact, they have the ability to calm the overall stark and harsh appearance that all of these technological pieces can often bring about with their shining plastics and stainless steel. While your room still remains functional, it also keeps a comfortable overall feeling because of the border of the cupboard style.

This means that when you decide on antique kitchen cabinets, you can still design the rest of the room exactly as you’d like it to be.  Even if you choose colder elements, you can be reassured that the cupboard doors will keep the room from becoming uninviting.

Antique Kitchen Cabinets – Where To Find Them

So now that you’ve decided that antique kitchen cabinets are for you, where do you go about finding them so that you can select the precise look for your own home?  The answer to this question is multifaceted.  After all, you can buy actual pieces from times past, making sure that they have been well maintained so that you won’t be investing in problems.  Or, you can buy brand new ones that have been specially designed and “antiqued” to look as though you’ve had these cupboards since a time long ago when things were still lovingly and simply built.

Your third option is to have a look at what you currently have and decide whether you can turn those into the style of antique kitchen cabinets or antique country kitchen cabinets without actually replacing anything.  Often, all you need is a stain in a dark color and the right kind of hardware such as hinges, knobs, and drawer pulls. 

If staining isn’t the look you’re going for, then distressing can also give that feeling of a piece that has gracefully aged throughout the years.  This has to do with sanding down wooden country kitchen cabinets instead of adding color to the wood that you then fade out.  There are many techniques for doing this.  If you aren’t certain how, you can look up helpful guides online or talk to someone at a home renovation store who may be able to show you how.



A Tuscan Kitchen Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

In Tuscan kitchen design, there are particular elements that you can incorporate into achieving your Italian style kitchen. Tuscan kitchens often have a separate area for baking. It is in a bit of its own area, but is still a part of the space. Other tips are visible spices on display. This flaunts the love of cooking, and openness to any Tuscan style kitchen.

Some specific areas of decor that will make a difference are:

a. Tuscan Flooring
b. Cabinetry
c. Furnishings
d. Tuscan Accessories
e. Faucets and Sinks
f. Counter Tops
g. Wall Color

Italian style kitchen cabinets typically are open. The cabinets in your Tuscan home can be either with or without doors. The open look and feel of the cabinets allow beautiful Italian pieces to be displayed. This not only assists in bringing out additional colors in your Tuscany kitchen, but it also serves its main purpose of providing adequate storage. In a Tuscany kitchen, often, cabinetry typically is not wall-to-wall of the like. Cabinets in a Tuscan villa typically look mis-matched; almost as if they can be moved about in the space.

Tips for achieving an Old World feeling in your Tuscan kitchen design can involve inexpensively upgrading kitchen cabinets with faux painting and decorative wooden pieces. I recommend when choosing colors for cabinets, wooden cabinets such as cherry cabinets use light cool colors on the walls. If you have white cabinets, use warmer colors on the walls like warm sand or roasted almond for your Tuscan kitchen design.

Choosing dining tables for a Tuscany kitchen depends on your taste. Many options include large wooden farmhouse tables. Old, distressed wood is perfect for this type of space. Either painted in distressed white or simple black color works very well. Farm chairs fit the scheme well. Additionally, you can get creative by painting vines of grapes or olives on the chairs or table top to bring out the color choices in your color palette you have decided upon. Also, broken Tuscan tiles applied to a table top is an attractive addition to your decor. You can also make a matching tile back splash as well. This can be done inexpensively with tile found from a thrift shop or yard sale. Add some grout, let it dry, and you are good to go!

A large center island for working and entertaining in your Italian villa kitchen can add a great focal point. You can achieve this by placing a large wooden or stone table in the center of the room. Old wooden tables add charm and gives the room a rustic feel. Creating a large island provides space for cutting and preparation of food. It also serves as a gathering place for friends and family.

The “flooring of choice” in a Tuscan style kitchen typically is that of stone, marble, mosaic tile, Terra cotta, and slate. Natural hard wood also fits well with the design of your Tuscan kitchen design.

The use of Tuscan accessories in your space adds color and beauty to any Tuscan kitchen design. Accessories in the likes of decorative Tuscan dinnerware displayed on your table work very well. Bringing out color by way of table fabrics and window treatments is an effective way of introducing spice to your decor. Italian style jars with grapes and olives add flavor and represent great tradition.

Be sure to have your color choices for your wall compliment your cabinetry. Remember, the color in the kitchen will actually be brought out through the fabric of linens on tables and curtains, surfaces like tile and granite, and in accessories that are on display. It is wise to start with neutrals. The earth tones are what will give you the Tuscan feel that you are looking for.

Faucets for the Tuscan kitchen sink commonly are the use of bronze or brass or antique copper. Bridge faucets are my favorite. This style is timeless and looks great with large farmhouse apron sinks. White ceramic is often the top choice of many designers. The particular style of faucet and sink selection depends upon your own favorite style. There are many that will look great and get you the Old World charm.

Material for counter tops follow the same line as all other Tuscan design ideas. Use of hard, natural, sturdy stones are ideal choices. Solid surface or tile counter tops are definitely the way to go. Color and design patterns within the surface can bring out color and tie in nicely with your accessories and fabrics. Also tile, including mosaic tile is often found on the wall as a back splash in a Tuscan style kitchen.



classic country kitchen design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The classic country kitchen design is immediately recognisable because of distinguishing rustic features that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Cooking should always be a pleasure in a country kitchen.

Here are some points to remember:

  • A country kitchen should have a certain charm that is perfect for entertaining friends and family but is also functional for day to day usage.
  • In larger kitchens, it’s a good idea to paint the walls in a bold colour. This immediately creates a warmer feel to the space and adds a country style ambience. In smaller kitchens, the opposite is true. Use neutral colours and lighter tones to open the space up.
  • Country kitchens need floors that are easy to clean, because of all the various messes that tend to get walked through into the house. Stone tiles are perfect, not to mention authentic, but cheaper variations are available.
  • In terms of storage, you should definitely use wooden door cabinets and surfaces. Anything metallic should be considered for a long time before being introduced as it can take away the rustic appeal of the space. Look at the storage you already have. If you can revamp it with new handles and repair it with a little TLC then it can add a really nice touch.
  • If you go to all this trouble to create an authentic looking, efficient country kitchen design then you really don’t want to spoil it with anything less than perfect finishing touches. Vases with fresh flowers and other classic accessories are perfect for a country kitchen. Any modern equipment should be stored out of sight wherever possible, so plan adequate space for this.



American Walnut and Mocha Urban Chic Kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

American Walnut and Mocha

American Walnut and Mocha

Coffee and Cream. Lush American Walnut meets casual Mocha, and for those who like cream with their coffee, there is even a coffee maker built into the studio units shown in the background to complete the mood of contemporary living.

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Preparing to Install New Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

When installing new cabinets, plan to do the job after completion of rough wiring and plumbing but before the finish flooring has been installed. By installing the flooring after cabinet installation, you won’t use more flooring than needed and the new floors are less prone to construction damage.

Unpack your cabinets and make sure all components are on hand. If your cabinets arrive disassembled, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly. Wait until after cabinet installation to add drawers, doors, and shelves. If you remove any parts, be sure to label them so you can return them to their proper places.
Solid Cherry Kitchen Cabinets 
The wall that backs cabinets should be level, smooth, and clean. To check it for flatness, place a long straightedge against it. Mark any bumps or voids so that, during installation, you can adjust for them.

When moving them around, you will discover that upper cabinets are heavy–just imagine their weight when they’re loaded with dinnerware and food. For this reason, it is imperative that they be fastened very securely to the wall stud framing behind the wall’s surface material. And the screws you use must go through a strong part of the cabinet such as a support rail that runs along the cabinet back. Every cabinet should be secured by at least three screws which penetrate the wall framing by at least 1 1/2 inches. For cabinet installation techniques, see How to Install Kitchen Cabinets.



Remodeling kitchen design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Remodeling kitchen design


Before you start thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you should have some general thoughts. If you are not happy with the color or look of your doors and countertop, but the appliances are still in good conditions, than refacing is the right way to think about. In case you do not like the way your kitchen is designed and where drawers and doors are located, you might better look for a entirely new america’s test kitchen.

Areas where remodeling can be done

First and most visible part of any kitchen are cabinets with doors and drawers. By exchanging them with new once, the look of any kitchen will change often dramatically. Whilst often the visible outside parts of the cabinets get refinished, the biggest part concerns kitchen doors and drawer fronts. Generally there are two kinds of doors available: framed and panel type doors. Whilst framed doors give a kitchen a more traditional look, panel style doors will make them look more modern. As the drawer fronts are also exchanged, make sure that all drawer guides are checked and exchanged if needed as well.

From a visibility point of view, the second most important part of any kitchen remodeling is the worktop or kitchen top. Here you can choose for a huge variety of materials and colors. The range goes from marble or granite to KBC® corian and laminate boards. Available in nearly every type of color and pattern, it is the perfect way to change the look of an entire kitchen.