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Bathroom Remodeling

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Many bathroom shelving units also come with hooks underneath to double as a towel rack as well as a place to hold things. Other forms of bathroom storage furniture consist of corner racks, free standing cabinets, and back of the door hanging systems. Corner rack units are perfect for holding bath toys, towels, or even toiletries; in such as small space as the bathroom, making use of the corner space can provide a lot of room to hold things. Free standing cabinets are also another option for a bathroom. You can find many different options of cabinetry at your local home improvement store; small standalone cabinets are specially made for bathrooms to be able to hold a lot of items in such a small space. Another space in your bathroom that can offer a lot of storage is the back of the bathroom door. This space can be used to hang hooks or over the door towel racks that will increase that available area to hang towels while also not making your bathroom over crowded.

Another storage option is the use of baskets; baskets can hold toiletries, towels, or bath toys, and they can be placed under the sink or out in the open on the floor. Baskets can act as a bathroom organizer, holding a large amount of items and reducing the clutter in the room. Baskets can come in many different size, shapes, colors, and materials, offering a decorative touch to the room while also offering organization. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, there are many different options for bathroom storage. While vanity cabinets are often the most popular items in a bathroom, other units can be used to reduce the clutter in a bathroom and offer a space to place items for organization.

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