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Bathroom Design for Beautifying Your Relaxation Place

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Abella Laporte, Thursday, March 6th 2014. Bathroom, Bathroom Design for Beautifying Your Relaxation Place

Bathroom design is very important and should be done carefully because it serves a place for relaxation to your body. Therefore, it needs to have somewhat relaxing, soothing, and calming atmospheres to better make the relaxation takes place. Rejuvenate yourself with this Villeroy & Boch’s Memento Collection focusing on details in your bathroom. Choose sleek as main design and thus you can fill up the place with modern and contemporary furniture with unique details and also patterns.

Bathroom Design Defined

When you are making bathroom design plans, do not exaggerate it too much but just remember to use and give more attention into details, instead of using many décor. The theme Memento means to use surface–mounted washbasins, wood counter, floating cabinets, mirror, and shining light bulbs. All of these items comprise the sink area. The white porcelain and elegant pattern of washbasin is the focal point of this bathroom design. To accentuate the sleek style, you need to use metallic silver faucets.

Details of Bathroom Design

Sleek bathroom design will mean to use white colors in any furnishings and décor. Or, other option is to choose neutral colors but with gleaming effect. Take a look at the details in walls, floor, and ceiling this bathroom design has. Even though white tiles are used, but good–looking patterned rug is chosen to roll out above it. Walls are also made of tiles but they are different in colors according to the area, whereas ceiling is neutral also but with shiny lights.

Glowing bathroom will also mean to choose white furniture, for instance this toilet and sink on the other side of the place. You always can combine the white feature with light wood furniture as the cabinets or shelves. Unique lamp is also needed to give more accent lights. After all, these items and details can make you successfully make a gorgeous bathroom design.

stunning-contemporary-white-washbasin-design-for-modern-bathroom-also-awesome-pendant-lamps-and-charming-white-mat-villeroy-boch-615x825 sleek-villeroy-boch-bathroom-vanity-with-awesome-design-and-modern-white-wastafel-design-615x470 new-modern-white-toilet-seat-and-white-washbasin-design-for-modern-bathroom-villeroy-boch-white-towel-615x432 modern-villeroy-boch-bathroom-vanity-with-contemporary-design-and-charming-pendant-lamps-615x819 modern-villeroy-boch-bathroom-toilet-with-white-color-design-615x497

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