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All White Bathroom Design With Stylish Modular Furniture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Here is a cozy bathroom idea, all white bathroom design with stylish furniture. Mood minimalist design of this cozy bathroom offers adaptability and modularity of furniture. You can easily create your own dream bathroom and still make a bathroom with attractive and stylish look. The modern and sleek furniture made from ceramic, finishing in a neutral white color that brings a cozy feeling in bathroom design.

When all stuff are shades of white, there is a chic wall decoration, it’s make the bathroom look more balanced and interesting. If you love decorate and redecorate your bathroom, this one might be a good inspiration. Take a look.




By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

GUEST BATHROOMS AND POWDER ROOMS PROVIDE A PLACE TO UNWIND. Because of their inherent space limitations, many guest bathrooms and powder rooms face unavoidable design challenges that leave them looking cramped or sparsely furnished. Duravit offers the ultimate solution to these constraints through its wide offering of flexible, design-conscious products. Depending on the available space, budget and personal preferences, Duravit can transform even the smallest powder room into a comfortable place to unwind.
Washing areas for every bathroom
For narrow bathrooms or those with sloping roofs: the diagonal Architec handrinse basin.

The washing area is at the epicenter of the bathroom, and Duravit offers an extensive repertoire — everything from handrinse and built-in washbasins with vanity units to countertop basins and matching consoles in various dimensions and styles — to address this segment. Particularly successful examples include: the Starck 3 washbasin with metal console (which doubles as a towel holder), the Happy D. furniture handrinse basin with rounded vanity unit and the Bacino basin paired with the Fogo furniture console. The Starck 1 range offers great ideas for exclusive guest bathrooms. The barrel-shaped washbasin and furniture unit is already a classic and is available with five attractive surfaces: Macassar, American Walnut, Pearwood and the new White high gloss and Black high gloss finishes.

Duravit also offers uniquely slim handrinse basins for narrow bathrooms or those with sloping roofs: the diagonal Architec handrinse basin with integrated ceramic shelf, the Happy D. handrinse basin with a projection of just 25 cm or the Vero handrinse basin, which is just 25 cm narrow but 45 cm deep.

A multitude of matching mirrors and mirrored cabinets, available with or without lighting, add the perfect finishing touch to the furnishing designed for “mini bathrooms.” Soap dispensers, towel holders, and a wide array of bathroom accessories not only enhance the look of the washing area but also serve a functional purpose.

The matching toilet in either a wall-mounted or free-standing version is an undeniable “must”! Toilets with a particularly short projection are true problem-solvers wherever space is especially tight, while WC seats with the Soft-Close function create additional usage comfort. A urinal, either with or without lid, is an added installation option for male guests. Whether one chooses the smooth curves of the Starck 1 and Happy D. collections or the geometric form of the Starck 3 range is purely a question of aesthetic preference.

Bathroom furniture creates space and a great sense of comfort
Recently, Duravit extended its Fogo furniture range to include a new “semi-high” cabinet.

In terms of furnishings, the guest bathroom meets high scores in the category of comfort thanks to furniture solutions such as shelves, storage surfaces or cabinets, which are available in a variety of dimensions and designs for maximum flexibility, even in the smallest spaces.

For smaller room layouts in particular, Duravit’s creative bathroom furniture ideas are often the only way to create storage space or useful surfaces for everyday bathroom essentials. The 2nd floor shelf with side fixings in chrome, for example, is ideal for holding a visitor’s handbag or for storing towels and other bathroom gadgets.

In terms of comfort and practicality, Duravit’s X-Large collection addresses every important detail. The sleek X-large wall boards are ideal for making use of the otherwise wasted space above the toilet while the X-Large vanity unit with fold-out towel basket offers a practical addition to a high-traffic bathroom.

Recently, Duravit extended its Fogo furniture range to include a new “semi-high” cabinet. At just 25 cm deep, the new Fogo cabinet maintains ample storage space while projecting a small footprint, making it the perfect addition to a narrow space. And, thanks to a large selection of real-wood veneers, décors and painted surfaces, each bathroom can be furnished according to individual tastes.

From the powder room to the second bathroom  
It is undoubtedly possible to transform a few square meters into a truly amazing bathroom.

With the addition of a shower tray, the powder room becomes a fully-functional, comfortable bathroom that, if necessary, can also be used as a second bathroom for overnight guests. With ingenious planning and the right products, it is undoubtedly possible to transform a few square meters into a truly amazing bathroom. And — in order to maintain continuous design throughout the washing area in its entirety, Duravit’s extensive Starck 1, Starck 2, Starck 3, Happy D. and/or 2nd floor collections are just what these bathrooms need.

Duravit’s new “Guest Bathrooms” brochure features 32 pages of creative and impressive furnishing solutions. The designs shown provide countless tips and ideas to create unique design in the guest bathroom.

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Elegant Bathroom Design With Clean Luxury Style

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Amazing contemporary bathroom, here is a elegant bathroom design with clean luxurious style. Elegant contemporary designs by Cerasa, this bathroom offers luxury atmosphere in a clean and minimalist bathroom decor. These bathrooms bring life to a cool, simple silhouettes with vibrant pop of color, rich lacquered finishes, interesting shapes, and of course the lighting, which can be compared with art. Beautifully contrast, cozy white themes of wall paint combined with eye – catching furniture like red bathroom sink or storage option with a purple finish, but it’s perfect for adding an interesting look for minimalist bathroom design.

Yup, minimalist style can be attractive, too.  :-) And since the furniture made with modular design, you can mix and match the  bathroom decor as necessary to suit your style and your space, large or small. So..let’s see the photos of elegant bathroom ideas below and visitCerasa for more interesting information.