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Elkay Avado Accent Sink – new double bowl 11″ deep drop-in sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Elkay Avado Accent Sink – new EFT402211 double bowl 11″ deep drop-in sink


The Elkay Avado Accent Sink is so versatile you won’t know how you lived before you had one! Actually a range of four deep, double bowl, drop-in kitchen sinks, with the neat modular elements mean you can personalise your own Avado Accent specifically to your needs. These days time is of the essence, and it’s crucial to be well organised – something this sink is an expert at helping you achieve. You needn’t run around delving into drawers and cupboards for pots and pans, strainers and drainers – the modular system allows you to drain, soak, and defrost whilst still using the front of the sink to wash and prep. Ideal for budding chefs, you love the sheer functionality of the attractive, ultra-thick stainless steel sink and the optional modular parts. Contact Elkay and bring one home for USD $1,884 – $3,635.



Elkay Mystic Martini Sink – new Undermount Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Martini is classic drink, served in such an iconic glass… If it’s your favourite tipple, you’ll just love the new Elkay Mystic Martini Sink – the MYSTIC2221. A stainless steel sink, it’s designed to be undermount and is shaped in the recognisable silhouette of the familiar Martini glass! Taking the image further is easy, as shown here with the fantastic ‘olive’ countertop setting for the sink. Simply add your favourite cocktail, martini glasses, olives, scintillating conversation and voila – the party has already started. Add a touch of class to your home bar area to get your friends talking about your preferred drink with the Elkay Mystic Martini Sink.




Undermount Kitchen Sink – new Elkay Drake Raindrops

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Undermount Kitchen Sink – new Elkay Drake Raindrops


The stylish Elkay Drake Raindrops undermount kitchen sink proves that just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable. New York-based designer Jamie Drake really put his personality into this cool piece, giving an undermount sink a uniquely fresh look. The Drake Raindrops kitchen sink features a deep single basin boasting soft curves and finished in polished-satin stainless steel. Rain-drop dots sprinkle the back of the bowl, giving this modern sink that special sparkle. Underneath all the glitz and glam, this functional kitchen essential has a fully protected heavy-duty Sound Guard undercoating to reduce condensation and sound. This designer kitchen sink retails for approximately $3,200. For more info visit KBC.



Elegant Kitchen Countertops

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Elegant Kitchen Countertops


Three considerations to remember:

  • When you choose your countertop, select a color and texture that compliments your cabinetry, floor or paint selection.
  • Don’t be afraid to combine two or more countertop materials in one kitchen. Complimentary colors or textures on adjacent surfaces can create visual interest.
  • Remember also that it pays to select a material that will withstand years of use without extraordinary maintenance requirements and is easily repairable should an accident occur.

Your options:


Granite Countertops

Granite is…well…hard as a rock. Though costly, when buffed to a shine it creates a smashing look for kitchen counters. It is also riding a crest of popular style that began over 10 years ago. With granite tops, the experience and expertise of the fabricator is vitally important.

Marbel Countertops

Granite, marble, and limestone, all popular for countertops, are beautiful natural materials. In most areas, you’ll find a great selection of colors and figures.

Wood Countertops


The quality of the countertop edge treatment is important. As an example, a solid surface counter is easy to clean and repair and will take years of use. It might look terrific with a wood edge to match the cabinets, but the wood will not withstand constant exposure to water and household chemicals like the solid surface material. Restrict the wood edge to an area such as a freestanding hutch and use matching or contrasting solid surface material for the front edge.

Consider combining quality decorative materials such as tile, granite or marble with solid surface. Many fabricators can create custom designs for a spectacular visual effect without compromising durability and easy maintenance.

When there are budget constraints, it makes sense to use the highest quality material for the counter areas that will sustain the greatest amount of use, specifying other materials to less often used areas.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel countertops are not very elegant and look “cold”. They do not absorb stains oils or odors, but it will scratch easily and scratches cannot be repaired. You can view stainless steel countertops on this page

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Shopping Guide to Kitchen Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Shopping Guide to Kitchen Sinks

There are many reasons to install a new kitchen sink in your home. Whether your existing sink is leaking, rusting or is simply outdated, installing a kitchen sink is a simple job that can completely rejuvenate the look of your kitchen.

Introducing… New Innovative / Modern Sinks

Featured below is a new “party” kitchen sink from Elkay, a great remodeling idea. This is definitely not your everyday sink – and it will make quite an impression on your guests. Guaranteed. A variety of party sinks are available on this website: but read on to learn more about the different types of kitchen sinks you can choose from.


There is a wide array of styles of sinks available. Some of the more common kitchen sink styles include:

Copper and Brass Sinks – If you are looking to add some old world styling to your kitchen, copper and brass kitchen sinks can do that with a modern twist. It is important to care for copper and brass sinks properly, however, so they do not turn green.


Stainless Steel Sinks – Still one of the most popular kitchen sink materials available, stainless steel sinks will last for years without rusting and will maintain their attractive appearance through years of abuse.


Glass Sinks – Glass has become a popular material for kitchen sinks in recent years. Available in a variety of styles and vibrant colors, glass kitchen sinks are available in drop in and undermount models.


Fireclay Sinks – Fireclay sinks are a form of ceramic sink that are extremely durable and attractive. Available in a variety of styles and with painted designs, you are sure to find a fireclay kitchen sink that matches your personal style.




SEN Kitchen Design Gallery

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

SEN is a professional Kitchen Design association. We partnered with them to bring you some of the best kitchens that their designers worked on. From old-style to contempary, you should be able to find the style that fits your need. Simply click on the thumbnails below to start our Flash Gallery system. You can also view another selection of 15 beautiful kitchen designs here.





New Trend in Kitchen Remodeling: The Birth of The Live-In Kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen is evolving; No longer is it viewed as a place solely to prepare and cook food. Instead it has transformed into a space that can be truly utilized for living & entertaining friends and family.

In essence, out of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is often the family hangout. Parents are cooking or checking emails, the TV is on, and the kids are doing their homework — all at the same time, all in the same room.

The next generation kitchen will be a place not only for cooking, but for social and everyday interaction. Kitchen remodeling trends now concentrate on the kitchen as the ‘hub‘ of the household, incorporating the functional aspects of a kitchen with the ability to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

The trends in kitchen remodeling and design are set to focus on comfort and usability. Imagine a kitchen that incorporates a couch, a television, a coffee table and internet access into its space. This is the future of kitchen design.


The kitchen space is set to evolve to incorporate all of the needs of everyday life.

As it becomes increasingly hard to juggle the tasks of every day life, this is a room to fit around your lifestyle. Having a ‘live- in room‘ provides a family space where you can prepare a meal whilst helping the kids with their homework. It is versatile and very useable.


In this new kitchen, the wall between the family room and the kitchen has been completely removed. Picture provided by “Mark Daniels Kitchen and Bath Remodeling” in Fairfax, VA.

This trend seems a natural progression in a period when open planned living has become the chosen preference for most households. Remodeling the Kitchen into a live-in room therefore will add a new level of comfort and practicability to a style of living that most Americans have already adopted. As the kitchen continues to be the most used space in the household, adapting this space to be truly comfortable and useable is key to utilizing the function of the space.



Kitchen Design Ideas ~ A Gallery of Inspiration

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Hunting for the perfect kitchen design can be exciting and yet frustrating. We understand this and have put together pictures of several beautiful kitchens to help encourage people in their quest to find what’s best for their homes. At the end of this page there are links where you can go on to find the kinds of quality kitchen items we show pictured here. Happy hunting and good luck!

Remember to note the elements you like best about these kitchen pictures to help you figure out what it is you like best. Kitchens are like fingerprints, each one is unique!

If you need to see something a little more concrete or you are overwhelmed with options; remember you can always check out some kitchen design centers in your area. Bring in a few pictures of what you like from below and they will work with you to figure out how to get it.

Traditional Kitchens

These kitchens have very traditional wood cabinetry and stone and/or wood counters. This is often the first thing people think of when they think “kitchen.” It is a classic way to redesign a kitchen and it has a long lifespan. Often if you go with a more traditional look it will stay stylish longer and does not need quite as much done to freshen its look later.









By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

When choosing the cabinetry for your new kitchen, consider your personal style as well as what will function best for your family’s everyday needs. Whether your goal is to transform your kitchen from traditional to modern or simply add more accessible storage space, your cabinetry selection is a great place to begin.

KraftMaid Cabinetry offers the perfect blend of style, selection and affordability. KraftMaid offers customized cabinetry, without the custom price or custom lead times. KraftMaid products are 100% built-to-order which means that each and every cabinet is built specifically for the individual consumer and built to their specifications. With KraftMaid, you choose your door style, wood species, cabinet size and cabinet construction as well as all of the storage solutions and decorative enhancements that make your kitchen function for the way your family lives today.

KraftMaid Cabinetry’s standard construction features like ¾” solid wood dovetail drawers with undermount suspension runners and ¾”-thick, fully adjustable, full-depth shelves are considered upgrades by many other manufacturers. Look closely at our details and you’ll see the difference.

KraftMaid makes sleek, streamlined Euro-style cabinetry accessible and affordable for the American consumer! Introducing Venicia by KraftMaid – designed to meet the growing demand for more modern styling with a look that is straight from Europe – and a label that isn’t!

Introducing Ascentia by KraftMaid, designed exclusively for The Home Depot. With Ascentia’s variety of styles, finishes and customizable options, you can display your style and creative flair room by room.

Cabinetry built-to-order exclusively for the customer of Lowe’s.


KBC assembled kitchen cabinet collection utilizes the latest construction, along with our superior standard materials, offering customers a high quality, fully assembled product at an exceptional price.