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        Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online | We supply kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in different customized and standard styles. Antique solid wood cabinets can be hand-carved by our skillful craftmen.
        We make any kitchen and bathroom designs as your idea only you tell us your kitchen and bathroom dimensions, because our kitchen and bathroom designers have special experience in designing custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanities, wardeobes, closets in China. Our cabinet doors come in a various styles: Hand carved, raised panels, arched and flat panels.
        We offer a variety of wood types of cherry, maple, oak, birch, walnut, beech, etc, and Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online carcases are available in quality plywood or MDF boards. Granite and marble countertops, island tops and vanity tops can supplied with kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities as well. Quality hinges, handles and stainless steel sinks or ceramic basins can be ordered to make kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities completed.We supply Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Online Please Send Email to us,thanks!

    Kitchen Cabinets Custom Design

    Carcase:18mm double pastes Melamine moisture-proof board  Door panel:18mm medium density fibreboard ,double-side baking varnish Countertop:VEGAS artificial stone Hareware:rail (MEPLA)  door hinge (MEPLA)   (FRANKE) Name:natural color VC-K025 ...>>more
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    Buy Kitchen Cabinet

    MK023: 1. Door: white lacquered 20ps2. Base cabinets: carcase material: 16mm MFC with white color (material,color are optional)             size: (w)4300*(h)700*(d)580  (w)1500*(h)700*(d)5803. Countertop: Artificial stone   size: (w)4340*(h)50*(d)580   (w)1500*(h)50*(d)580   4. Upper cabinets: carcase material: 16mm MFC with white color (material,color are optional)      & ...>>more
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    Red Kitchen Cabinet Design

    MK019: 1. Door: Quartz door(10 ps ), Glass door3ps2. Base cabinets: Carcase material:16mm MFC with grey color (material,color are optional)              size: (w)3700*(h)700*(d)580    (w)1500*(h)700*(d)5803. Counter top: Artificial stone    size: (w)1720*(h)50*(d)580   (w)3120*(h)50*(d)5804. Upper: Carcase material:16mm MFC with grey color (material,color are optional)     ...>>more
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    Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    MK008:1.Door:white lacquered(10piece)   glass with aluminium frame ( 4piece)2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)   size:(w)3300*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stone M1007   size:(w)3340*(h)50*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)   size:(w)1840*(h)700*(d)3505.Kick board:height 100Many kinds of handles,hinges and other hardware for customers to choose.Detailed specificati ...>>more
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