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    Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities, Kitchen Cabinets

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    Modern Style Kitchen

    Traditional Style Kitchen

         As one of the most professional manufacturers/exporters of Kitchen Cabinets in China, we have been supplying high quality products at competitive prices to our clients for several years. We also offer unique packaging and design of finished products. We specialize in Kitchen Cabinets formulating and Metal Office Chair styles, distribution of Kitchen Cabinets. We cater to our customers by offering a wide range of Kitchen Cabinets that create immediate excitement at retail worldwide. Our diligent and unwavering commitment to our private labeling clients has made it possible to expand our contract manufacturing business to USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, Japan, etc.
    With several years experience on private label orders and contract manufacturing on Kitchen Cabinets, we are familiar with United States standard and regulations and also with European standards.
         Our high-tech laboratory and advanced production lines assure our quality and safety of our Kitchen Cabinets products. our team of experience professional ensures strict quality control system. We exemplifies the best combination of art, science and competitive pricing.Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Cabinets export in China.Please Email Us to inquiry Now!!

    MDF Kitchen Cabinet

    MDF Kitchen Cabinet,MDF Kitchen Cabinets,Painting MDF Kitchen Cabinets,MDF Kitchen Cabinets Doors Carcase:18mm MFC board(MR) with both sides melamine(white color) Door panel: plywood with plastic laminate ,horizontal grain (Formica) Countertop: sloid surface material (Formica) Hardware; darwer runner (FGV) door hinge (FGV) s/s sink Name:Yesterday Once MoreVC-K009 ...>>more
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    Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

    Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet,Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet Door,Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet Finish,Lacquer Cabinets Carcase: 18mm MFC board(MR) with both sides melamine(white color) Door panel:MDF white lacquer Countertop:solid surface material (LG) Hardware:drawer runner (Blum),door hinge (Blum) & s/s sink double bowl (Frankie) Name:Lacquer Music VC-K008 ...>>more
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    Teak Warmth Kitchen Cabinets

    Teak Warmth Kitchen Cabinets,Teak Kitchen Cabinets,Outdoor Teak Kitchen Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinetry Door Panel: Solid wood doorCountertop: you likeColor: you likeFinish: Wood veneer, Lacquer, Colored PVC, acrylic as you wishCar Case: Environmental E1 Standard Melamine, MDFHigh quality with most attractive designs and competitive priceHigh durability and easy careDimensions, shapes, wood species, finishes, colors and other specifications can be customized. Carcase: plywood with teak w ...>>more
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    Cherry Amour Kitchen Cabinets

    Cherry Kitchen Cabinets,Natural Cherry Kitchen Cabinets,Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets,Cherry Cabinets Carcase: 18mm MFC board(MR) with both sides melamine(white color) Door panel: MDF with cherry wood veneer,finish clear lacquer Countertop: china granite Hardware: drawer runner (Blum),door hinge (Blum) & s/s sink double bowl (Frankeie) Name:Cherry Amour VC-K006 ...>>more
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    Vinyl Dream Kitchen Cabinets

    Carcase; 18mm MFC board(MR) with both sides melamine(white color) Door panel: PVC VINAL WRAPER DOOR (LG) Countertop: solid surface material (LG) Hardware:drawer runner (Blum),door hinge (Blum) & s/s sink double bowl (Frankie) Name:Vinyl Dream  VC-K005 ...>>more
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    White Sunnet Kitchen Cabinets

    Carcase: 18mm MFC board(MR) with both sides melamine(white color) Door panel:German hight gross PVC. Countertop: solid surface material (CORIAN) Hardware:(Frankie),drawer runner (Blum),door hinge (Blum) & s/s sink double bowl (Frankie)  Name:White Sunnet  VC-K004 ...>>more
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    Beechwood Lifestyle Kitchen Cabinets

    Carcase; 18mm MFC board(MR) with both sides melamine(white color) Door panel:solid beech wood door frame with clear lacquer/lacquer. Countertop:(Formica) solid surface material (SURELL) Hardware;drawer runner (Blum),door hinge (Blum) & s/s sink double bowl (Frankie) Name:Beechwood Lifestyle  VC-K003 ...>>more
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    Walnut Wonder Kitchen Cabinets

    Carcase: 18mmMFC board(MR) with both sides melamine(white color) Door panel: 0.6mm walnut £¯18mm lacquer Countertop: 40mm walnut£¨solid wood£© Hareware: drawer runner (Blum),door hinge (Blum) & s/s sink double bowl (Frankie) Name:Walnut Wonder VC-K002 ...>>more
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    Maple Breeze Kitchen Cabinets

      Carcase; 18mm MFC board(MR) with both sides melamine(white color) Door panel:18MM MDF with 0.6mm maple wood veneer,finish clear lacquer/lacquer. Countertop: solid maple with clear lacquer.(40mm thk.) Hardware: drawer runner (Blum),door hinge (Blum) & s/s sink double bowl (Frankie) Name:Maple Breeze  VC-K001 ...>>more
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    Lodge Kitchen Cabinets

    Liquidation American kitchen cabinet The quantity is totally 1932 cabinets. All the kitchen doors are now in Baltimore port, the rest carcases are in our factory. We now just want to give them away and we sell them as a liquidation. Here I enclose one type Of kitchen for your refference. We have 5 door colors for your choice, and the carcase color is matched. Pls check the detail photos in the attachment as well as the hardwares And packing. Following are the Spec of these cabinets: 1. Door pane ...>>more
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